Teasing The Mail Man

Sitting with all the lamps off, the only light needed came through the closed window and open blind. Sitting back on her modest couch, in her modest home, she loosened her robe and waited. She knew when he would show up. Slowly closing her eyes, she imagined what he would look like. Having seen him so many times, it didn’t take much of her imagination.

She liked men her junior, and loved the way he wore his early 30s. She was glad he carried the heavy leather satchel of mail on his right shoulder, giving her the better profile when he would ascend her steps in no particular hurry. She often dreamed of how she would like to have him strain above her, using the same strong rhythm on her, as he used to stroke her stairs.

With a picture of him in her mind, her eyes drew completely shut, as she allowed her robe to open. Wasting no time she quickly slid her arms out, and tossed the brave cotton to the side. The crude canvas couch, kissing her bare ass. Slouching, she began to run her guilty hands over creamed skin. Within moments, she peeled one of her hands off her thighs and took hold of her breast. Hoping she could last, she thought less of what might be outside, and seized on what was happening down between her legs. The thought of getting caught had started a fire. The thought of exposing her naked body always made her pussy hot.

He has thought about her every day on this route, since the first time he saw her. Saturday was his favorite day of the week, as seeing her was very common. Early on he had caught her walking through the front room with a robe slightly opened. Then there was the time he noticed her coming into the living room in shorts, still buttoning a bra less blouse. Reading on the couch was nice, in only tee shirt and sheer panties. His most lingering memory, the time she walked completely naked through the dining room as she toweled off wet hair. He never knew what to expect, or what to think of these incidents. But think of them he did. Never really knowing if these encounters were purposeful, he just guessed himself lucky.

Dirty blonde hair, draped over the left side of her face, as she laid back into the green couch. Make up made her features seem more for an evening out, than laying on her back in the afternoon shine. Thick with mascara, darkened lashes proved a suitable carriage for blue mist cascading over them. Not much unlike the same blue covering the muscled chest of her mailman. Lips wearing the red of rustled leaves, pursed open over milky white, manicured teeth. Her chin drew tight, as if she was trying to pull her cheek bones into her furrowed brow. Her expression could give new adage to the cliché, it is a fine line between pain and pleasure.

She wore no tan lines, and very little else that mattered. Choking her neck was a necklace of diminished dark beads fixed to a black elastic band. Hugging her waist was a silver chain embracing pinkish stones on regular intervals. Her left hand cupped her breast and pinched at her erect nipple. Extending down, her right hand grazed, grabbing at her moistness.

Stepping onto the first run of the porch, he sensed the faint hum of ecstatic moaning. He realized just how right he was, momentarily frozen in his tracks, he enjoyed watching her. Always hoping for a glimpse of her, especially her naked body, he found it too hard to turn away. Creeping up the steps, he decided do the same routine as always. Taking sure to catch the best glimpse he could, his longing grew as he approached the door. He instinctively turned and looked around the neighborhood, which was very calm. This time, it might take longer to find every piece of her mail.

Stopping above her crotch, she felt for her bulging clitoris. Protruding about a quarter inch past her swollen labia is where she found it. Slowly she started petting her fur, while moistness seeped out, glistening the outer edge of her swollen lips. Harder and harder, in a slightly up and down motion, she pushed on her clit, while pinching her nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. A drip of pre come trickled out the bottom of her pussy, calling home its resting place in the fuzz between pussy and arse.

He turned and took the first step down, stopping to look one last time when his head reached windowsill level. What he saw made his knees quiver, and his balls ache.

If he was not working, he would have unleashed his now hard cock, right there, and began stroking. With the large leather bag shielding him from the street, he did gently rub his swollen prick through his pants. As he watched, she grabbed a vibrator off the floor and slid it up and down her wet pussy.

She began to infix the thick tip of the dildo within her crotch. At first she only stuck it in about inch and pulled it back out. Teasing herself with this in and out motion, faster and faster, for about 30 chilling seconds. With no warning, she pummeled the whole 9 inches of thick black vibrator into her cunt. Her hips raised off the couch to greet the invading member. As she did this, she squeezed her legs together and held the vibrator with her thighs. Her ass still slightly off the cushions, she stroked at her clitoris with her right fingertips. Sinking into the back rest, she continued stroking until the digits of her right hand became a blur. Arching her back. she let out a little scream. Turning into a chorus of moans, she slumped her arched back into the couch, and opened her legs. The vibrator fell hard to the floor. Her right hand found her wet spot, while her left hand still pinched at her nipple.

The thumping of the vibrator on the wooden floor seemed to startle the both of them, snapping him out of his trance. He turned and bolted down the last few steps, hoping she didn’t see him. Wholly exhausted from her intense climax, she opened her eyes, squinted at the sun coming through the window, and wasn’t sure if she had seen something are not. Grimacing, and reaching down to turn off the vibrator, she grabbed the cover laying at her feet. Pulling the thin cover halfway up her body, she lay her head on a velvet throw. Drifting off into dream, visions of her the mailman seeing her climaxed pussy, fueled her resting body.

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