Swimming Hole Lesbians

It was too hot to climb. We had gotten up early in the morning, and done a couple routes. There were three of us: Steph, Anna, and Me. Climbing as a trio was a little slow, but it was a lot of fun; and it was doubly fun because it was just us girls.

It was late morning, and the sun was beating down on the cliff. It must have already been up in the 90s, and it was humid. We were all sweating. It was time to stop, to rehydrate, to go for a swim and take a nap until the afternoon heat started to recede. We packed up our ropes and gear, and headed up the carriage road toward our secret swimming hole.

I had met Steph at work. She was beautiful. If I had been interested in women, she would have been it: slim but not skinny; bright blue eyes and long blonde hair; intelligent and funny and outgoing. And a really nice person. We had been working together for six months before we realized that we both climbed in the Shawanagunk Mountains. All spring, we had been climbing together almost every nice weekend.

Anna was a friend of Steph’s. She was new to climbing; Steph knew her from the gym. She was a fun, sunny person, with short dark hair, big brown eyes, freckles, and a cute smile that always seemed to light up her face. She was in really good shape, and was quickly becoming a strong climber.

It was a mile or so to walk to our swimming hole. I don’t know if it really is a secret, but I’ve never seen anyone else there in the two years since I discovered it. As we walked, Anna and Steph talked and laughed, discussing the morning’s adventures, politics, and the cute boys we had seen at the cliff. I preferred to walk in silence, listening and occasionally adding my two cents worth, but mostly thinking and remembering. I have never been accused of having a bubbly personality.

After the long walk in the hot sun, jumping into the cold mountain water was going to be an intense pleasure. We all looked forward to it with trepidation. Our pool was well away from the trail, a rocky shelf hidden in the woods. The stream ran through a natural fissure in the rock, splashed down a small waterfall, and formed a deep pool before flowing off into the forest. The water, even in the heat of summer, was icy cold.

We stripped down to our underwear. Anna peeled off her sports bra, setting her large, full breasts free. I had to admit, she had a really nice pair of tits. I’ve always been rather glad that mine are no more than a mouthful; but Anna’s almost made me jealous: large and round and firm, maybe a 36C; with large brown areola. She seemed totally unselfconscious about being topless. On impulse, I joined her, pulling off my top and baring my own breasts.

“Wow! That looks really nice!” said Anna “But didn’t it hurt?” (I got my nipples pierced last year, my present to myself for my 25th birthday. I wear 10 gauge steel rings. Most people don’t know that about me.)

“Yes it hurt” I said and grinned “It hurt a lot.”

Steph unsnapped her own bra. Her boobs were nice too, bigger than mine, smaller than Anna’s. Perky, and upturned. I caught myself checking my friends out, comparing their busts. Meanwhile, we were arguing about who was going to jump in first.

Of course, we ended up jumping in all at the same time, holding hands and giggling like school girls. The water was shockingly cold, but it felt great. We played and splashed and swam for a while, jumping in again and again.

I took a break after a while, climbing dripping onto the sunny rock. I spread out my towel next to my pack, and let the sun caress my body. It felt nice. The rustle of the leaves in the light breeze was soothing. My eyes closed and I relaxed, flirting with the edge of sleep.

I’m not sure how long I napped, or if I actually fell asleep. I don’t know what woke me up, but I suddenly noticed that it was really quiet. I assumed that my friends had gotten tired of swimming too, and had joined me in sunbathing. Lazily, I turned my head and half opened my eyes.

Anna and Steph were spread out on a towel, on the other side of the swimming hole. Steph was lying on her back, and Anna was straddling her, feeding Steph her ample breasts. Steph was suckling hungrily, her wet blonde hair splayed out on the rock as her mouth busily sucked on Anna’s tit.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had never had any clue that either of them might be bisexual. I wondered if this was the first time for them, or if they were secret lovers. I had never seen two girls have sex before; I had never seen anybody have sex before, not in person. I felt like a voyeur. I started to feel turned on. I wondered what it would be like to have Anna’s other large breast in my own mouth, to suck on her swollen nipple, cheek to cheek with my friend Steph.

As I lay there watching through half closed eyes, Anna gave a quick glance in my direction, then, satisfied that I was still asleep, pulled off her black string bikini panties. Her dark pubic triangle contrasted sharply with her fair skin. Steph slid down between her thighs, and raised her mouth to Anna’s pussy. Over the babble of the stream, I could hear Anna’s soft sigh as Steph’s tongue explored her sex.

I realized that I already had a finger inside my own panties, rubbing my clitoris as I watched Steph give Anna pleasure. Her head was thrown back, her back arched, her eyes shut. Steph had both hands on Anna’s beautiful, round ass, pulling her into her face. Anna’s large breasts shook as Steph tongued her. It was incredibly exciting to me.

Ever since the attack four years ago, I hadn’t let another person touch me. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t touch myself. I masturbated to erotica, I masturbated to porn, I masturbated to cute boys, I masturbated to dark fantasies of rape and torture and control, and I had sometimes masturbated to the idea of having sex with a girl. But this was the first time that I found myself so totally aroused by the idea. I wished I could be there, on the other side of the stream, sharing in their pleasure.

Steph stood up, and peeled off her own sheer white panties. I was amazed to see that her pussy was completely shaved, as bare as a baby’s.

“What if she sees us?” I heard her whisper. I couldn’t hear Anna’s reply.

Anna was kneeling in front of Steph. She spread Stephs’ puffy bare labia, stuck out her tongue, and gracefully licked the length of her pussy. Anna caressed her curly dark hair. I imagined that I could see her little pink clitoris poking out from between her folds. “Oh Anna” I heard Steph whisper “that feels so good.”

They looked beautiful together, totally naked, totally absorbed in each others bodies, surrounded by nature. As I watched, they sank, entwined in each other, kissing deeply, onto their towel.

I don’t remember consciously deciding, but I found myself getting up and walking toward them. Steph was lying on her back, her legs spread almost impossibly wide, her eyes shut, one hand caressing Anna’s hair. Anna was between Steph’s thighs, licking busily. They looked delicious together.

I was close enough now that I could hear the little slurping sounds Anna made as she licked Steph; I could hear Stephanie’s labored breathing, see the sweat on her brow.

Ever since the rape, I had chosen not to be touched, to be self contained. It had protected me, insulated me while I had time to heal. Now I knew that it was time for my celibacy to end.

I dropped to my knees, and lowered my mouth to Steph’s heaving chest. My lips found her nipple and sucked it inside. It tasted of her, sweaty and sexy and nice. Her tit felt good in my mouth. I sucked deeply, taking her breast into my mouth, daring to nip her a little with my teeth. I heard her moan, and felt her hand grasp mine. Then she started coming, bucking and gasping and squeezing Anna’s face between her thighs as I sucked her tit.

Stephanie was kissing me, attacking me with her tongue. Her breasts were squished against mine. She held me tight, and I kissed her back. It felt so good, such a release to be touched. I felt Anna’s hands on me, roaming over my body, touching me. I felt her pulling off my panties as Steph and I kissed.

I found myself on my back on the towel. Anna was kneeling over me, feeding me one of her large breasts as she pulled and twisted my nipple rings. I felt Steph’s hot breath on my pussy, and then her tongue, tantalizingly exploring my sex. I moaned out loud, spreading my legs wide and offering myself to her mouth. Steph let one long finger slip into my dripping hole and brought her tongue to my throbbing clit.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I sucked desperately on Anna’s breast as Steph licked me and finger fucked my pussy. It was heaven. I was so wet, it felt like a river was flowing from my pussy. Anna’s breast felt wonderful in my mouth. My clit was singing. But I couldn’t come.

I was excited enough. I was riding a high plateau of pleasure. Steph’s tongue was doing amazing things to me, sensations I had never felt before, but I couldn’t surrender; I couldn’t give up control and let the orgasm happen.

Without warning, Anna removed her breast from my hungry mouth, and straddled my face. Suddenly, I was up close and personal with Anna’s pussy. I had never been so close to another woman’s privates before. I had a second to appreciate how beautiful her pussy was, her wet, pouty labia, her neatly trimmed patch, her tiny clit, and her puckered asshole. I inhaled deeply, breathing her scent in. Then her pussy was on my mouth, my tongue was on her sex.

Her taste was clean; salty and musky and sexy. I licked up and down her slippery folds, loving having her on me, trying to get my tongue as far as I could up her hole. She rubbed herself vigorously on my face. Meanwhile, Steph’s insistent tongue and fingers were driving me crazy.

Anna got up on her knees, forcing me to crane my neck to keep my tongue on her pussy. She pulled her hood back, forcing her clit out, and started rubbing it vigorously with two fingers. Between her sweet, firm cheeks, her crinkled brown asshole winked invitingly. I let my tongue slip from her pussy, traverse her sensitive flesh, and probe up into the forbidden darkness of her ass. I hoped she wouldn’t mind, but even as I tentatively explored the crack of her ass, I felt her fingers up the tempo on her clit, and one hand reached back to spread her ass cheeks, giving me better access.

I circled her tight little rosebud. She seemed to open up for me. Her ass tasted musky and sweet, incredibly sexual. I pressed my tongue against her anus, working the tip inside her. Her asshole seemed to swallow my tongue. Somewhere I was aware of her gasping my name out loud, frigging her clit like a mad thing.

The orgasm that had been building up in my belly had sneaked up on me. Now it washed over me like a huge wave, twisting and tumbling me with its force. I was riding Steph’s face as I tongued Anna’s asshole. I was racked with pleasure. My body shook again and again. I felt like I was coming forever.

Finally I was done. Anna was done. The three of us lay together, spent, naked and sweaty and sticky and happy. We kissed and giggled softly. We had sex again, slower and less urgent; with Anna and me teaming up on Steph; me licking her clit and Anna licking her ass, and both our fingers rubbing together deep in her hot and slippery cunt.

We went for another swim, washing the sex smell and stickiness off. Finally, the sun started to get low, and the air began to cool off. It would be cool enough to climb again, and it would still be light for several hours. We got dressed and shouldered our packs, and headed back toward the cliff.

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