She Loves to Swallow

Callie was sitting at her desk at work, her mind wandering back to the previous night with her husband. Paul, her husband of two years, was three years her senior at twenty-six years old. They had met when she was just nineteen, he had proposed to her less than a year later and they were married just a month after her twenty-first birthday. Their sex life was both active and satisfying for both of them, and last night was no exception. Paul had just returned from a week out of town on business and the young married couple had sucked and fucked for almost three hours before he rewarded her with the load he had been saving up over the past several days. She had swallowed it greedily, the mouthful of cum triggering her own orgasm as it usually did.

Callie was fully aware of how unusual it was to be able to climax simply as a result of swallowing cum. She could trace it back to her teen years and her first sexual partner. One afternoon when his parents weren’t home they were in his living room on the couch, fooling around completely naked. He was sitting on the couch with his cock pointing straight up in the air, while she was kneeling beside him. As she leaned over him, sucking his cock, he was reaching between her legs to finger her pussy. He had warned her that he was about to cum so that she could pull away, but she had decided that it was time to swallow his load for the first time. She ignored his warning and continued to suck, and it was only a couple of minutes later that he started to cum in her mouth. Coincidentally, it happened at the exact same time that he made her cum with his fingers. From that point forward, any time she swallowed a guy’s cum it triggered an orgasm as though it were some kind of Pavlovian type response.

From that point forward she had always finished guys off with her mouth. She hadn’t been with a lot of different guys, but the ones she did hook up with her thrilled to find someone so eager to swallow their load. In fact, she was fairly certain that it was one of the reasons why Paul had been so eager to marry her. To this day, every time they would fuck he would finish off by shooting his cum into her mouth. Last night had been especially good for both of them because it had been over a week since he had last cum and had therefore given her a nice big load to swallow.

She snapped out of her daydream, remembering that she needed to go talk to her boss. She and Paul were hoping to take a trip to Belize later in the year, and she needed to clear the holiday time with John, the owner of the company.

She stood from her dress to stretch her legs, thankful that the company was so casual that she could wear shorts to work on a sunny day like this. The shorts she had chosen were cut very high, showing off every inch of her thighs and barely covering her tight, round, bubble-shaped butt. At just over five feet tall, Callie normally wore short skirts and shorts in order to make her legs appear longer than they actually were. She had also worn a cami-style tank top with spaghetti straps, something that would surely violate the dress code of most companies. Because of her small, A-cup breasts, she rarely wore a bra, as was the case today. The air conditioning seemed to be turned on higher than usual today and it had caused her nipples to poke through the fabric of her shirt all day long.

She walked down the short hallway to John’s office, noting that the door was closed. Normally this would mean that he was either on the phone or meeting with someone, although occasionally it simply meant that he was looking for some peace and quiet to eat his lunch, take a quick nap, or just simply gather his thoughts. Hoping that he was available, but not wanting to disturb an important meeting or phone call, Callie put her ear to the door and listened. Rather than hearing John’s calm and strong voice speaking with someone, however, she was surprised to hear the sounds of what could only be a pornographic video. She listened for another moment or two, silently wishing she could see what it was he was watching. She raised her hand up and gently knocked on the door. Apparently John had failed to shut the door all the way until the latch had clicked, so the door swung open just a bit from the force of her knock. Taking advantage of the open door, she pushed it open further and leaned her head inside.

“John?” she said, softly, as she took in the scene in front of her. John’s desk was perpendicular to the door and his computer screen was on the far side of the desk, facing his seat on a slight angle, meaning that it faced the door as well. The video being played on the monitor instantly explained the noises she had heard. There were four women in the scene, all of them naked. Two of the women were performing oral sex on each other in a sixty-nine position while one of the others was lying back on the bed with her legs spread as the fourth plunged a large dildo in and out of her pussy. John was sitting in front of the computer, leaning back in his leather chair. He was still fully clothed but he had taken his cock out of his pants and was rapidly stroking it.

John was shocked to hear a voice behind him, so he quickly reached one hand out to his mouse and closed the video player while the other one covered his engorged member.

“Shit, Callie!” he said, turning to face her and wheeling his chair under his desk to hide his cock. “Don’t you ever knock?”

“I did!” she said. “The door just swung open! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“It’s okay, really,” he said. “Let’s just keep this between us, okay? Now what can I do for you?”

“It’s nothing, I’ll just go back to my desk.”

“Callie, it’s okay,” he said. “What’s up?”

Callie stood there, somehow unable to think about the reason she had come to talk to John in the first place. She suddenly realized that her panties were getting wet and that she really wanted to swallow John’s cum.

“Callie?” he asked, snapping her out of her trance.

She said nothing as she turned and closed the door, making sure that it actually clicked shut.

“Why don’t you finish?” she suggested.


“Finish stroking your cock,” she said.

“Callie, I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“Why not?” she asked. “I already saw it, and I saw what you were stroking it to. Why don’t you finish?”

John sat in shock, saying nothing.

“I’ll let you cum in my mouth,” she added. Still John said nothing, so Callie walked towards him and pulled his chair out. His cock was still rock-hard, standing at somewhere between five and six inches. Not very big, Callie thought, but he wasn’t going to be fucking her, so it didn’t matter. She grabbed his hand and put it on his cock and then reached over to the mouse. She opened up the recent documents menu and found the video he had been watching. She opened it up and then knelt down in front of him on the floor.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Start rubbing your cock.” He did as she suggested, starting slowly, but rather than looking at the video he looked down at her beautiful face. Her long, curly brown hair framed soft and delicate features. John, like every other guy in the office, had spent more than a few evenings at home, masturbating to the fantasy of fucking Callie.

“This is so hot,” he said as he watched her staring at his cock. He was hoping she would lean forward and start to suck it, or maybe stroke it herself, or at least start playing with herself while she watched, but she did none of that. She simply sat, her eyes transfixed on his cock as she rested her hands on his thighs. It was clear at this point that neither of them cared about the video playing on the computer, but they left it on anyway.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said to her, making her smile and blush ever so slightly. He started stroking himself faster, watching her lick her lips and hearing her moan softly. “I can’t believe you’re watching me play with my cock!”

“Mmmm,” Callie moaned. “I feel so naughty.” She watched him rub it faster and harder, knowing that he was nearing his orgasm.

“Are you really going to swallow my cum?” he asked.

“I sure am,” she said. “I want to feel it slide right down my throat.”

“Oh god!” he said. “I’m about to cum!”

Callie instantly leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking hard and pushing him over the edge.

“That feels so fucking good!” he said as his cock pulsed, shooting stream after stream of his hot cum into her mouth. He could feel her swallowing every last drop of it as it filled her mouth, continuing to suck as though she wanted more. As always, the feeling of his cum filling her mouth had brought Callie to orgasm as well, causing her to suck even harder.

“Yummy,” she said, pulling her face back after he had finished cumming. “Nothing like a belly full of cum. That was amazing, thanks boss.” His eyes were glazed over as he smiled and reached over to close the video player on the computer. “Can I talk to you now about some vacation time?” she asked, staying on her knees.

“It’s yours,” he said. “Take as much as you want.”

“Thanks boss!” she said, giving his cock a little kiss on the head before standing up and leaving the office.

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