Saturday Night Dance

Joe and I went out Saturday night. We did a little 2 stepping at the local honky tonk and just had us a good old time. You guys shuld know how I like to play dress up, and how much Joe encourages me to show off, so this gave me a great opportunity to go Cowgirl.

I started off with light black stocking and lace garter belt. Being only 5’2″ the stocking come high on my thighs, to just a couple of inches below my pussy. Then I pulled on a pair of boots that I had made at ML Leddy’s last spring. These have 4 inch spike heels and are made of soft black kangaroo. They come to mid calf and I think look great. Next came a denim skirt that fell to about 3 inches above the knee, but that buttoned up the left side from waist to hem. The skirt is fringed with tan leather and I wore a matching leather belt. The blouse was an ultra thin white rayon embroidered with the Texas star at cuffs, collar and lapels. It doesn’t have buttons, but three tie strings, one just above the breast and the other two above and below the belly button. The blouse is so thin that it is completely transparent and if worn without a bra my breast can clearly be seen. Of course I did not wear a bra! I did slip on a vest, a real cute cowgirl vest with horses and lariats and boots. The vest draped over my breasts and almost closed in the center, but not quite. The top tie on the blouse was open, and the center of my chest and stomach were exposed through the sheer blouse. As I moved the vest flicked and flickered so if you paid attention you would catch a quick glimpse of my tits and my nipples. Some gold bangles and bobbles and a Stetson hat over my loose hair and I was ready to go!

Joe showed up right on time to get me. I have a Miata, and an Explorer company car, but because this was a western night we went in Joe’s pick up. I keep telling him that he should buy a truck with a straight seat if he expects any highway loving. His has real nice bucket seats, nice that is unless you want to put your head is someone’s lap. He got a nice show of leg as I slipped into the front seat and we were off.

The night club was packed, full of both real and Saturday night cowgirls and boys. The live band was cranking out c&w, and the bar was jammed as tight jeans played bump a butt to get a fresh long neck. There was a dance floor with a stage at one end and surrounded on the other three sides by three rows of table. Then that was enclosed with a handrail about 4 feet high with bar stools placed to it. Then there were several more rows of tables and finally the bar. We sat at the handrail. Sitting on the dance floor had some advantages, but the show off in me liked the railing for the special opportunities it offered. The dance floor was recessed 2 feet below the floor we were on, so that a six footer stood almost eye level with a pretty good view up my skirt.

Joe ran off to get our first round of drinks and when he returned we left m little hand bag to hold our place while we danced. Now that is one thing I truly love about this guy, he can dance! We two stepped our asses off with whirls and twirls as we moved around the room. Each spin flared out my vest and I had the thrill of showing off my nearly naked tits as well as the excitement of the dance. After quite a few numbers the band kicked into “Cocaine” my all time favorite line dance song. Off I went!

I had 3 of the 8 buttons on my skirt open, and as I found a place on the outside of the line I slipped the fourth one loose. Once into the music my hands went to my hips holding my vest back so that the only thing keeping it from total exposure was that it was hung up on my very hard nipples. The curve of my breast was showing clearly. With each kick and turn my left leg was bared to the top of my stockings, showing a little bare flesh. Joe doesn’t dance these with me, he would rather watch!

Evidently the band knows what it is doing, because it went straight from the hot line dance to a slow number and Joe had me wrapped up in his arm before I caught my breath. I could tell why too! His dick was a hard pole under his jeans and pressing into my belly with each move he made. He lowered his lips to my ear and licked it. He knows my earlobes are hooked directly to my pussy and that with each touch of his lips I would get wetter and wetter. He started to whisper “sweet nothings” in my ear. Why are they called “sweet”, what he said wasn’t sweet, it was hot and nasty and had a lot to do with hot cunt and tongue. Well it worked for sure. I had been horny and having fun showing off, now I was in heat, wanted to fuck and didn’t care who knew it.

Joe doesn’t get too many chances to tease and torment me, but this was one and he wasn’t passing it up. Instead of taking me home and fucking my brains out he led me back to the bar stool. He enjoys my flashing almost as much as I do and I knew that was what he wanted. I wasn’t about to let him down. I started off by letting one more button go on my skirt then parted my legs slightly and turned to the dance floor. As I swiveled on the bar stool seat I eyed the audience. There were several whose attention I managed to catch, even a couple of the gals. One couple in particular drew my attention. She was an attractive brunette and was pointing out my lack of panties to her date. He responded typically, looking, turning to his girl, looking again. Then he said something in her ear and she blushed. They got up and danced and I watched them for a while. He was rubbing her tight jeaned ass and she was grinding into his leg. Good!

Joe had gone to get drinks for us and I spotted him over on the other side of the club. He had moved to a place where he could watch too. I toasted him with my beer bottle, turned directly too him and parted my legs wide. Between him and me there were probably a couple of hundred people, how many others looked I have no idea, I was focused on my Joe and he was focused on my pussy.

We left then, both in a hurry to continue our game.

On the way out Joe suggested that I looked a little warm. I know I was flushed, but I also knew what he wanted. Off came the vest as I walked through the bar toward the exit. Once uncovered my nipples stood out prominently. The sheer blouse did nothing but draw attention to me, it sure didn’t hide anything from view. Damn I was getting horny and excited. There was always a good sized crowd in the parking lot and we walked right through the center of it on the way to the truck. My tits jiggle when I walk, and the open neck blouse accented them beautifully.

As I climbed into the truck Joe slipped his hand under my skirt and found my soaking wet pussy. He quickly played a dance over my clit then stepped away and around into the cab. Tease me will you, I thought. I undid all but the top button of my skirt and pushed it open to exhibit my bare pussy. Slowly I slid my hand to my pussy and began to play. I reminded Joe that he should buy a truck with a bench seat as my fingers tickled my clit. I laid back against the door, swung one foot onto the console opening my legs wide and moved my red tipped fingers over, around and into my hot wet pussy.

I reached up and undid the other ties on my blouse and pulled it open too. The night air felt wonderful on my breasts and my already hard nipples tighten more. With one hand I played with my tits, the other my cunt, and I began to talk to Joe. “Wouldn’t you like some of this hot pussy lover?” “Can you smell my sexy cunt all the way over there?” “Is you dick hard?” “Would you like to fill this hot pussy with your cum?”

Joe as stroking himself through his jeans as I came for the first time that night. It was a screamer, a body jerking, thigh squeezing climax that left me satisfied, but still hungry. There is something wonderfully sexy about riding down the road half naked and exposed and playing with yourself.

We raced into the house, me still bare chested and skirt flying, Joe’s pants a size too small now that his dick took up so much room. We fell into each others arms and danced, tumbled and stripped each other on the way to my bed room.

Joe, being a real gentleman, dove between my legs first. My pussy was still on fire and his lips only added to the heat. Twenty seconds later I was off into another pussy soaking orgasm.

I turned him over and sucked his hard cock into my mouth. I love sucking cock! The hard shaft deep in my mouth, the heat building, the pre-cum dripping out adding a tangy favor to it just turns me on. Joe knows I love his cum. I love to feel it pulse into my pussy, to taste it as it gushes into my mouth, to watch it as it splashes over my chest. He lets me decide. I had an idea that one of my internet buddies gave me, and tonight seemed a good time to try it.

I pushed Joe off the bed and followed him, leading him around to the foot of the bed. I have a king sized four poster bed that sits up real high, maybe three feet to the mattress top. I told Joe to lay down at the foot of the bed, his back on the floor and his legs on the mattress. Then I pulled his legs higher onto the bed surface. I pushed and maneuvered him around until his shoulders were flat on the carpet and his knees bent over the bed with his legs spread as wide as he could get them. Then I crawled onto the bed and lay between his open legs.

His hard cock was just inches below my face as I leaned over the edge. I took it in my hands and holding it out straight licked it from base to tip. I let go for a minute and reached over in my night stand to get my trusty friend. I turned it on and played the long thin shaft of the vibrator over his balls and the base of his cock. I licked him and stroked him as I leaned over the end of the bed. I sucked on his balls and teased his ass with the vibrator. He was getting very close to exploding and I was leaking a steady stream of pussy juice onto the bedcovers.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes,” I told him as I began to work his cock with a fast steady stroke.

I felt his cum boiling up from deep inside him. He shook and jerked and the first squirt burst from his dick. It landed on his forehead and into his hair. I pulled back tight on his dick, aimed lower, and the second stream caught him right in the mouth, covering his lips and chin. The third splashed his chest and neck and the fourth dribbled out onto his belly to run down to his neck.

My lover lay there covered in cum, his cum that I had tasted and worn so many times. It ran from his lips over his cheeks, ran trails over his forehead and puddled on his chest. Never taking my eyes from him I moved from my perch and around to him on the floor.

I bent to kiss him and as our mouths joined our tongues shared the treat. I licked his face clean, taking each tongue full and then offering Joe a taste. He slipped from the bed as we shared our snack.

Joe pushed me around until my pussy was over his face and began to eat me. I took his once again hard dick in my mouth and sucked it like never before, plunging deep into my throat with his hard cock and working my tongue over it like a dance. Finally I turned around and sat over him, letting his cock slip deep into me. We rode slowly, savoring the special feeling that come with complete surrender.

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