Naughty Schoolgirl Gets Spanked

Anne was running late. She rushed down the empty hallway to her first class, chemistry with Mr. Molger. Stopping at the door, she took a deep breath and hoped to slip to her lab table without him noticing. Instead she walked into a silent classroom. All the test taking students looked up at her. Damn, how could she have forgotten it was test day too?

“Miss Turner, this is your 4th tardy, go to the principal’s office.”

“But I…”

“Go.” He didn’t even look up from his book.

Dejected, Anne turned on her heel and left the classroom. She had never been sent to the principal’s office in her whole life. As a new transfer to the all girls school midway through her senior year, it had not been easy. Especially adjusting to the uniforms. She tugged at her blouse, it had shrunk in the wash and was tight across her breasts. It had also taken her weeks to get used to wearing a skirt with thigh high socks. She felt like had accidentally flashed half the school her panties before learning to sit with her legs closed.

Entering the principal’s office, she slumped into a waiting chair. To the secretary, she said, “Mr. Molger sent me here because of my 4th tardy.”

Miss Aimes nodded and picked up the phone. “Sir? Anne Turner is here to be punished.”

Anne swallowed hard. Punished? She thought she’d get a stern lecture or detention. What was going on?

Miss Aimes listened to Principal Jeffer’s response. “Yes Sir.” She hung up the phone. “You may go in now, Anne.”

Anne nodded, hoping that her nervousness wasn’t showing. She stood and walked into the next room.

“Shut the door behind you, Miss Turner.”

She did and turned back to Principal Jeffers. He was seated in a large leather chair behind a massive wooden desk. She vaguely remember meeting him before when her step-father enrolled her here a few months ago. She did remember how large his hand was when he shook hers that day. The rest of his size matched, he was tall, broad shouldered and looked like he had played football back in his high school days.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it was my 4th tardy. My car wouldn’t start and…”

“Shush.” He held his hand up and her mouth snapped close. “We are very strict at this school and don’t allow this type of thing to continue. I’m surprised you weren’t sent here for a uniform violation.”

Anne glanced down at herself. One side of her blouse was untucked and the buttons strained across her chest. Her skirt was a little short, she hadn’t been able to find any the right length that had small enough waists. But she didn’t think Principal Jeffers would want to hear any of her excuses.

“So first the punishment for that. Take off your blouse and bra.”

“What?” she sputtered. She was not undressing in front of him.

“They aren’t according to uniform standards so you may not wear them. Take them off or I’ll call Miss Aimes in here to do it for you.”

Her cheeks flushed red. She didn’t want to be undressed like a child. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse and let it slide off her shoulders onto the floor. Reaching around her back, she undid the clasp to her bra but held it to her chest for a moment.

“Take it off,” he instructed.

With a flash of anger, she let it drop and stood bare chested in front of him. The cool air hit her nipples, tightening them into little pink buds.

“Good. Now for the second part of your punishment. Come here.”

Oh no, she thought in her head. She didn’t want to go anywhere near him.

“Come here,” he repeated more sternly.

Swallowing hard she left the middle of the room and stood next to him at his desk. “Over the years, we’ve perfected our punishments to keep the school running in an orderly fashion. Your punishment today is a spanking.”

Anne couldn’t believe her ears. “You’re going to spank me?”

“Yes. We’ve learned that bare bottom by hand has the best results. Take off your panties and set them on my desk.”

She was shaking. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Numb, she slipped off her panties and set them on his desk.

“Another violation. All the girls are suppose to wear white cotton bikinis.”

Anne glanced at the black lace thong laying in front of her. “I thought no one would ever know,” she answered meekly.

“We’ll deal with that later. Now lay face down across my lap.” He pushed himself away from his desk and waited.

When her step-father found out about this, he was going to be livid. But a tiny nagging thought in the back of her head said that he probably knew all this about the school before he had sent her here. She stepped forward and he helped her across his lap. The large chair made it impossible for her to keep both her hands and her feet on the ground as she bent over. Her fingertips stretched to touch the carpet. Her hair fell around her face, hiding her burning cheeks from sight.

Principal Jeffers flipped her skirt up to expose her ass to him and with one hand caressed her butt cheeks. His other hand was on her upper back holding her in position. Anne felt tears flood her eyes, she had never been so humiliated in her life.

Smack! His large hand landed across her butt and she jumped at the sharp sting and loud sound of flesh on flesh. Again and again he spanked her, alternating cheeks or landing the smacks across both. The tears ran down her face as she lost count of how many times he spanked her.

After several minutes of her bare ass being smacked by his hand, she realized he had stopped and was gently rubbing her red skin. The sensation was strangely soothing and she felt herself relaxing in his lap. Her nipples were tingling from rubbing across the wool of his pants as the impact of each blow had scooted her up and back across his legs. And then horrified, she felt his hand move between her legs to touch her intimate parts. Even worse, as his finger dipped into her hole, she was wet! Her face burned in shame and she whimpered as his finger pushed into her further.

Miss Aimes’s voice came on over the intercom. “Sir? Mr. Daniels from McTills Publishing to see you.”

He took his hand away from her wet pussy and pressed a button on the phone. “Good, send him in in a minute.”

“Yes, sir.”

Anne wondered how she was going to pull herself together to get dressed and out of here in one short minute. He hadn’t made any move to let her up from his lap. Instead he began tucking the edge of her skirt into the waistband.

“Your punishment is not over yet but I have to take this meeting. You will stand in the corner over there, hands on the back of your head while we talk.” He let her up from his lap and she began to pull the skirt out of the waistband to cover her ass. He slapped her hand and said “No!” He began tucking the edge back up so that her red butt was in view. “Naughty girls are not allowed to hide their punishments.” Anne bit her lip to hold back more tears and looked longingly at her blouse and bra on the floor. She figured there was no way he was letting her put those back on either. “Nose in the corner,” he ordered as if she was a whiny two year old.

She had just put her hands behind her head as Mr. Daniels walked in the door. She could only imagine what a sight she was, naked from the waist up and her red spanked bottom exposed.

“Another one?” Mr. Daniels asked with a bit of excitement in his voice. She dared not turn around to see his expression on his face.

“First punishment.”

“Oh,” he said sounding disappointed. “Can I still look?”

“Yes. I expect she may be in for more punishments.”

Anne felt herself shaking as Mr. Daniels approached her from the rear. She jumped as both his hands grabbed her sore butt cheeks. A sob escaped her mouth as a complete stranger fondled her. His hands traveled up her waist and cupped both breasts. His fingers teased her nipples, stiffening them in buds again. He continued to grope her breasts as he spoke to Principal Jeffers, “It’s a shame it’s her first punishment.”

“She’s taking it well. Let’s get to business.”

With one more pinch to each nipple causing Anne to squeak in protest, Mr. Daniels left her in the corner. She took deep breaths and tried to concentrate on the wall color instead of the fact that two men were discussing text book deals with her nearly naked in the corner for them to ogle whenever they wanted. She also didn’t like the fact that her juices were running down the inside of her thigh, it was even worse that this type of treatment might be exciting her just a bit.

Her arms were becoming very tired as she listened to them drone on about the merits of workbooks versus copies. She had nearly zoned out from the whole dreadful experience when she realized the conversation had turned back to her.

“I can barely see the red anymore.” Anne shivered.

“I will probably have to reapply some of the punishment before we conclude.”

“Are you sure I can’t have a taste?”

“Not today,” Principal Jeffers said firmly and Anne couldn’t believe that she was thanking him for that in her head. He had already spanked and humiliated her in this fashion and let her be touched by another man and she was grateful it wasn’t going further?

“Alright then. Have fun and I’m sure we’ll speak again soon.” Anne held her breath until she heard the door shut behind the salesman.

“Miss Turner, please return to my desk.” A bit shaky on her feet, she let her arms drop and walked to his desk. “Turn around.” He examined her ass, his fingers tenderly prodding the smooth globes of flesh. “Ah yes, you will need another spanking. On my lap.”

A bit shocked by herself, she eagerly set herself over his legs, adjusting so her ass was high and ready for his hand. She thought she heard him chuckled as he put one hand on her back and the other rubbed her ass cheeks, his finger occasionally slipping down to her wet hole.

Smack! Oh it still stings, she thought and the pain caused her eyes to water. But the warming sensation of his hand spanking her butt was also making her pussy tingle. She began wiggling in his lap and spreading her legs open, hoping for more contact between her thighs. Instead of whimpers of pain, the breathy sounds from her mouth sounded more like soft moans of pleasure.

After he had turned her ass red again with several smacks across her butt checks, he began rubbing the pain away. Anne cooed in delight and spread her legs as wide as she could while keeping her balance on his lap. His finger dipped down to her wet pussy, sliding in slightly before withdrawing and continuing until he touched her clit. She squealed in surprise and delight as he pressed her button, causing her to become very wet in his hand.

“You are taking this punishment very well,” Principle Jeffers said softly, his fingers rubbing and touching her in all the right places. “And we’re almost done.” No, not done, she thought. She didn’t want him to stop! His fingers teased and she felt so close to an orgasm, if only he’d stay on her clit a little longer or push his finger into her pussy a little deeper. “Get up.”

“No,” she groaned softly. He slapped her hard on the ass three times and she wailed at the sudden loss of pleasure replaced by pain again.

“Get up.”

She stood, her knees shaky. He guided her to his desk, bending her over it, her breasts pressed against the hard wood. He spread her legs and from the viewpoint in his chair, she knew that she was completely exposed to him from her little asshole to her slick pussy and throbbing clit. He didn’t touch her again and she turned her head to the side, wishing she could see what was going on behind her. She heard a zipper and then the ripping of a foil packet. She felt the wool of his pants against her thighs and his hands went to her hips. A second too late she realized he had stood up and was forcing his hard cock into her pussy.

“Argh, no!” she screamed. Spanking was one thing but to be fucked by her principal?

He grunted and kept her pinned to the desk as he forced his massive dick deeper into her pussy. She was wet but also very tight and inexperienced. She struggled against him, trying to close her legs and crawl across his desk away from him. He chuckled and easily held her legs open with his own and grabbed a handful of her hair to keep her still. The tears were flowing down her face again as her pussy stretched to accommodate his hard penis.

He pulled out almost completely and slowly pushed back in, allowing her time to adjust to his size. He felt her resistance lessen and began pistoning in and out of her. He let go of her hair and moved his hands back to her ass. He gave her cheek a little pinch causing her gasp and then moan.

He leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “You are such a naughty girl.” Her pussy tingled. “Getting your ass spanked by your principal shouldn’t make you so wet. Naughty, naughty girl.” She whimpered as his words turned her on more. She pressed back towards him, trying to get him in deeper. “Naughty girls get fucked. Fucked hard and long.”

“Mm, yes,” she moaned.

“Say it. Say you are a naughty girl. Say what naughty girls deserve.”

Anne thrashed from side to side on his desk as he pressed her down. The constant rhythm of his thrusting was building up her orgasm but she wasn’t quite there yet. Frustrated she did as he said, “I’m a naughty girl! I deserve to get spanked and fucked!”

“Yes, you do,” he agreed. He straighten up, his dick and thighs the only connection to her. “Naughty girls get spanked.” His hand came down on her ass, causing her to jump and moan in pleasure. “Naughty girls get fucked.” He jammed his dick so far into her, she felt his balls against her clit.

“Fuck me, spank me!” she cried. She was so close!

“Oh yes, such a naughty girl!” One hand held her hip to fuck her deep and the other smacked her bottom over and over.

She came, screaming aloud as she orgasmed. The pleasure and pain had combined to create such an orgasm she thought she was going to black out by the sheer strength of the release. He continued thrusting in and out before grunting when he reached his own.

He sat back in his chair, the cool air rushing across her red ass and wet pussy brought her to her senses. She caught her breath, she had just been spanked and fucked by her principal and she had enjoyed it! She was so embarrassed, she couldn’t even move.

“Do you want me to call Miss Aimes in to help you get dressed?”

“No,” she answered quickly and with a deep breath, pushed herself off his desk. She didn’t look at him as she grabbed her panties and slipped them on. Her pussy immediately soaked the crotch. She pulled the edge of her skirt free from the waistband and gingerly smoothed it down over her ass. It was very tender, she didn’t know how she was going to sit through the rest of the day. She stepped away from him and scooped up her bra and blouse, facing away as her trembling fingers did the bra clasp and fumbled over the buttons.

“Miss Turner, you are excused from the rest of your classes and may go to the nurse’s station until the end of the day.”

She pressed her hands to her face, it was still hot and she was sure her eye makeup was a mess. “Thank you, uh, Sir.” Miss Aimes called him that and it seemed fitting.

“Miss Turner.” He didn’t continue talking so she turned to look at him, bracing herself to see the large cock that had just thoroughly fucked her. Instead he was sitting calmly in his chair, completely dressed. “I hope you understand how naughty girls are punished in our school now.”

“Yes Sir, I do,” she answered, her sore pussy and ass were a good reminder at the moment.

“Are you going to be a naughty girl again?”

“Yes, err, no Sir.” Why was she so conflicted on the answer?

He chuckled again, the sound sending little shimmers of pleasure through her body. “Have a good day, Miss Turner.”

“You too, Sir.” She quickly turned and let herself out, rushing past Miss Aimes. If she had paused for just a moment, she would have caught a look of envy on the secretary’s face. Instead Anne was in too much of a hurry to hear the following exchange.

“Miss Aimes?”

“Yes Sir?”

“You interrupted my session with Miss Turner. Please come in for your punishment.”

“Yes Sir!” Miss Aimes hurried into the principal’s office, the excitement for her own punishment plain on her face.

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