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Beth and I had been to a show and stopped off at a bar near to the theatre afterwards. She had gotten a lot of admiring glances as we entered, well she does have a stunning little figure so I am used to seeing mens reactions to her. This night especially, as she was wearing a low neck-lined top and a short mini-skirt.

The place was quite packed but we managed to get stools at the bar. After a couple of drinks we decided to head for home but I needed the mens room first. On my return, Beth looked very flushed and agitated. As soon as she saw me she got off her stool and headed for the door with me close behind.

I asked her what was wrong but it wasn’t until we had been driving for about 10 minutes that she started to reply.

‘I… I have something to tell you!’

‘What is it Darling?’ I asked. Seeing she was somewhat nervous and shaken, I pulled into a lay-by and parked up. I waited patiently for her speak. I put my arm around her to comfort her. Eventually she started to speak but without looking at me, keeping her eyes on the floor.

‘At the bar, when you were at the toilet…. Something happened.’

I said nothing as I stroked her hair and let her continue.

‘You will hate me, I know you will.’

‘Of course I won’t, how could I possibly hate you? Besides, you couldn’t have done very much as I was only gone a few minutes.’

‘A few minutes was all it took.’

‘Look! I think this will be easier if you just say what happened and I promise not to say anything or interrupt in anyway until you have finished.’

‘OK then! Well as soon as you started to walk away towards the mens room, three men surrounded me. They seemed friendly and cheerful and were paying me compliments. I was quite flattered really. Then the one on my right lent forward and whispered in my ear, saying my cleavage was turning him on. With his head so close to mine, it was easy for him to quickly plant his lips on mine. Before I could raise my arms to shove him off, the other two grabbed one of my wrist each and also a breast each. The man kissing me shoved his hand up my mini-skirt and deftly got his finger inside my panty leg and inside me.’

‘Oh my poor love! You must have been terrified?’

‘No! That’s why you will hate me! I wasn’t frightened, I was turned on.’

There was a few moments silence whilst I let what she had told me sink in. As I hadn’t responded or said anything, she then said.

‘See I told you, you would hate me!’

‘No my love, I don’t hate you at all.’

‘But you haven’t said anything.’

‘I.. I was just letting my thoughts formulate. My first reaction was anger, not against you but against the men who abused you. But then I found that I had a hard on! I still have, feel!’ I took her hand and placed it on my swollen cock.

‘So we were both aroused by this happening. That makes me feel a little better, not so guilty.’

‘What I need now is to fuck you!’

‘Oh yes! Let’s rush home quickly!’ She said squeezing my cock.

‘Why wait! Let’s get in the backseat.’ No sooner said than we were scrambling over the seats into the back and pulling at each others clothes. Needing to get at each others body, needing to get to bare flesh. I soon had her lovely tits out and was sucking them hard. Beth was moaning and speaking but I couldn’t at first make out what she was saying. Then it became clear. ‘Finger me! Finger fuck me! Squeeze my tits!

It appeared she was reliving her experience at the bar in her fantasy. But then so was I, the thought of her being used by three strangers was exciting. What she said next nearly made me cum in my pants.

‘Lick me! Suck my pussy where I was Finger fucked! Make me cum!’

I got down between her lovely legs and almost tore her panties off. I dived into her naked juicy cunt, licking and slurping away like a madman. A moving shadow across her tummy caught my eye; I looked up to see a man watching us. ‘Why have you stopped licking me?’ she said in a very disgruntled voice.

‘There is a man watching us at the window.’

‘Let him watch! Just get on with your lovely tongue work. You are the best at pussy sucking!’ Feeling this to be a great compliment, I went back to my work of giving Beth a lovely climax, when I heard a noise that made me raise my eyes, without stopping my licking. Beth was winding down the window and the guy reached in and was playing with her tits. This made me even more excited and I was licking and sucking on her luscious cunt harder and faster.

‘Oh Yes! Oooooo Yes!’ She screamed as orgasm after orgasm shook her lovely body.

As her orgasms subsided, I started to scramble up her body to get in position to have my turn; I couldn’t wait to get my throbbing dick inside her delicious cunt.

‘No! Stop! I don’t want you to do it yet.’

‘Wha.. Why not?’

‘Cause I want him to fuck me!’ She said indicating the guy who had been playing with her tits. ‘You don’t mind do you? I won’t if you say not to! But I promise that you will enjoy me even more if you can wait until I am full of cum!’ Wow! I thought my dick couldn’t have got any harder but now it was threatening to burst. This evening had been a whole lot of new experiences but this last thing she said really pressed my buttons. I climbed back over into the front seat and turned around to watch a perfect stranger, who we couldn’t really see in gloom, climb into our car and set about fucking my sweet Beth.

I couldn’t really see his cock going into her but my imagination was in overdrive and this was spurred on by Beth’s moans. The guy started moving faster and faster and the car was violently shaking as he let out an almighty groan as he pumped his sperm into the wonderful pussy that only I had ever fucked before.

Wiping his dripping cock with a handkerchief, he got out of the car without a word and closed the door behind him.

‘I’m waiting.’ Said Beth. ‘I need more dick! Are you ready to give me some more or shall I go back to that bar. I bet there are plenty of men there that would help a girl out.’

Before she had finished speaking, I was between her legs thrusting my aching dick into her now sloppy cunt.

‘Am I wicked?’ She asked. ‘Am I a terrible woman?’

‘You are the wickedest most terrible, wonderful woman in the world. And you’re all mine!’

‘Well I am all yours but only until our next night out at that bar!’

With that last sentence, I came inside her lovely delicious cunt.

What a woman!

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