Cheerleaders Treat

Ally sat in the back of the bus, tiny body bouncing with each bump on the road. Her short, shapely legs were crossed, the skirt of her cheerleading uniform riding up slightly over her thighs. She was exhausted; the game had seemed like it would never end! Now she sat on the bus behind all of the victorious football players, a few of the other girls off to her right, giggling and gossiping about God knows what. Her bright emerald green eyes swept over each football player, then settled on her favorite: Nick.

It took here a few moments to check him out to her satisfaction. She twirled a few strands of golden hair around her finger, tongue slipping from between glossy lips to lick them. He had been in the shower already, so his dark hair was rustled cutely, eyes shut as he attempted to sleep. Nick was sitting alone just a few seats up from Ally, where she was sitting with her best friend Natalie.

“Natalie,” Ally whispered, nudging her sleeping friend with an elbow. Natalie stirred before her eyes popped open. “What is it? Are we home?”

Ally slid over so she could show Natalie what she wanted to talk about. Her friend, of course, had fantasized just as much as Ally had about Nick. Her lips curved into an “oh” of satisfaction as she leaned back, smiling and giggling. “He is so hot.” Ally nodded in agreement and continued to stare at him. “God, I have got to fuck him before he graduates.” Natalie just laughed, but Ally was quite serious.

A week later, the routine was the same: they traveled to an away game, the guys killed the other team, and on the way home Ally stared at Nick. Only, this time, he had sat in the very back across from Ally, and Natalie sat near the front with her new boyfriend, Gary. Ally and Nick were practically alone.

About a half hour into the trip home, most of the bus was asleep, except Ally. She was staring at Nick, smiling. Reaching over, she ran a few fingers through his hair, which, of course, woke him up. He smiled back at her and turned over in his seat, head resting on the window. Ally thought, “It’s now or never, girl. Just do it.” So, she slid onto his seat and rested a hand on his side. He turned, surprised, to look at her. “Ally, what’s wrong?”

Ally put a finger to her lips and slid her hand down to his waist, where her fingers grabbed the waistband of his mesh shorts, tugging them down. Nick sat up, in shock, and didn’t really do anything but stare at her. She leaned up and licked his lips, then whispered, “I think since you did so well in the game tonight, you deserve a little congratulations.” And, with that, she ducked down, tiny hand wrapped around his shaft, and began to lick the head of his cock. Nick gasped and peered around the bus; but the coaches were asleep and so were most of the players and cheerleaders, so he didn’t stop her. He just leaned back and watched her, still completely shocked.

Ally took a deep breath and slid his cock deep into her mouth, the head brushing against the back of her throat. She heard him sigh and smiled, lips tight around his shaft. He seemed to be enjoying it, so she let her mouth slide up along his shaft, tongue massaging the skin as she did so. Soon, she was pumping his cock madly between her lips, sucking him as hard as she could, cheeks sunken in. Nick almost came just watching his cock disappear between her lips, but he held back. He had no idea how he had gotten so lucky. Ally was hot, and he had always fantasized about this sort of thing. He wanted to hold just a little so he could fuck her.

“Ally,” he whispered, pushing her away a bit. She thought he was pushing her away because he didn’t want it, so she looked her. But soon he was kissing her, tugging her into his lap. “I want to fuck you, Ally. Please…I was so good in the game..” He looked up at her pleadingly, as if she needed the encouragement. It was only then that he noticed his cock brushed up against her bare pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She giggled very softly and grinned wickedly, reaching down to grasp his cock. “I thought you’d never ask.”

At first, she held his cock, rubbing the mushroom shaped head along her dripping slit, unfolding her pussy with it. Nick pushed the shirt of her uniform up while she did this, exposing her left tit. His lips quickly closed around her nipple and sucked, his other hand moving under her skirt to rub at her ass. With his mouth on her hardened nipple, Ally held back for only a moment before sinking his cock into her tight, hot pussy, inch by thick inch.

They both held their moans and screams in as Ally sat down completely in his lap, Nick’s cock buried deep inside of her. As much as they tried to be quiet, it wasn’t enough. As Ally began to bounce in Nick’s lap, pumping his cock from her tight lips, the boy in front of them and off to the left woke up and glanced back, blinking at the sight he found in the back of the bus. His name was Matt. He swallowed as he watched Ally’s little body ride Nick’s lap, his mouth around her nipple, hand grasping her ass.

Ally threw her head back, groaning very softly with every thrust she made to bury his hot, thick cock deep inside of her. Nick glanced down to watch her pussy swallow his cock. Precum dribbled out from her cunt, and he put both hands on her ass now, grabbing it to help her move up and down on his eight inch monster. He was stretching her out, and that really turned him on. With a few quick thrusts of his hips up to grind against hers, he was cumming, spurting his hot load up into her waiting pussy. With his orgasm came Ally’s. She was barely able to contain the moans and screams as her cunt tightened around Nick’s shaft, milking it for all of it’s cum.

Matt, by this time, had undone his jean shorts to draw his own cock out, stroking it very quickly as he watched the fucking couple in the back of the bus. He moved, unnoticed, to Ally’s seat, where he had a perfect view of Nick’s cock buried deep inside of her, and the cum he had given her spilling out around it.

Ally groaned very lightly and curled her arms around Nick’s neck, hugging him tightly. She had no idea he had no real interest in her. She wanted much more than sex, but his cock thought completely for him. Now, Nick glanced over to Matt and smirked, watching him jacking off. “Ally,” he whispered, nudging her. “Look, Matt made three touchdowns. I think he deserves more than I do.” Ally blinked and glanced over to her former seat, smiling at Matt. He slid against the wall to make room for her, biting his lower lip. “Please, Ally,” he said, pumping his cock in his fist. “I need some action.”

Ally looked back to Nick, who was already pushing her from his lap. It was then that she realized he had only wanted the sex, so she thought, “what the hell,” and climbed back over to Matt, tugging her shirt up so he could rub and suck on her tits. Matt took no time to grab each of her small, round, perky breasts, taking one nipple into his mouth. Ally pulled back and bent down, taking his hard cock into her mouth. She slurped rather loudly as she sucked on him for all she was worth. It wasn’t long at all before Matt was shooting his load in her mouth, and another football player had woken up.

This time it was Chet, who turned around to see Ally’s naked ass wiggling up from her seat. He leaned back a bit and saw that she was sucking on Matt’s prick, and he was filling her mouth with cum. But Matt urged her to suck him off again, saying he needed more because that had been too quick. Ally gave in and began sucking on his cock again, head pumping up and down as he fucked her face. He even grabbed the sides of her head and thrust up into her mouth. With each of his thrusts, her body jolted, and Chet nearly groaned watching her tight, shapely ass wiggling.

Chet glanced to the front of the bus, saw the coast was clear, and hurried back to Ally and her ass. He had his shorts down around his ankles in no time and was pushing his cock up along the folds of her pussy, searching for her opening. Ally’s eyes were wide now when she felt someone else getting ready to fuck her. She began to struggle, but Matt held her face against his cock, and Chet held her ass against his hips, shoving his cock deep into her pussy with little warning.

So, they took up a rhythm: Chet pulled her back onto his slightly large cock, then Matt yanked her mouth back down on his prick. Ally had wanted to cry, but now she only felt pleasure. She was actually pushing back against Chet’s hips now, trying to get his cock deeper. Her pussy began to tighten around his shaft, and he let out a long sigh at her gripping muscles. He continued to piston into her, hands rubbing her hips as he banged her.

Nick had fallen asleep, but now he awoke, face to face with this hot, fucking scene going on beside him. There was no where for him to get into Ally, though, so he grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, watching Chet’s cock disappear into her tight pussy while Matt’s fed into her mouth. Nick groaned when he saw that Ally’s pussy clung to Chet’s prick every time he pulled it out.

Suddenly, the bus came to a stop; they were back at the school. Chet was already cumming deep inside of Ally, but he had to pull out and pull his shorts back up before the coaches stood. Matt stuffed his cock back into his pants and helped Ally up, smoothing her uniform out for her. She had a very dazed look on her face, and he whispered, “Please don’t leave, I want to finish. Wait for us in the locker room.” Nick and Chet nodded and grabbed their stuff, and Matt followed them off the bus to the locker room. Ally groaned as she stood, feeling cum dripping from her swollen pussy. She grabbed her duffle bag and went with Natalie to the locker room.

Natalie watched her friend, very confused. “Ally, what’s wrong.” Ally just laughed and shook her head. “Nothing, nothing at all. Listen, I think I’ll walk home after a shower, so you go ahead and go. I’ll be all right.” Natalie shrugged and left with Gary. The locker rooms were soon empty except for the four who planned to meet secretly.

Ally sat in the girls locker room, waiting for the guys. She didn’t have to wait long. Soon they were there. Nick knelt down in front of her and took her hands, kissing each of them. “Ally, you’re great.” He grinned up at her and then pushed her back. She leaned against the lockers as he pulled her skirt off and spread her legs, sighing happily at the sight of her shaven pussy. “God, I’ve wanted to eat you out for so long, Ally. Do you want me to stick my tongue into your tight little cunt, you slut?” Ally nodded, groaning very softly. Matt was behind her now, and she leaned on him while he pulled her shirt off and gripped her tits, rubbing his palms against her nipples. “Tell him, you little whore,” Matt said, roughly grabbing her tits.

“Mmm…stick your tongue in my, Nick. Lick my clit and make me cum all over your face,” Ally whispered, spreading her legs a bit wider. Her eyes rose to Chet then, and she noticed he was being left out. She held her hands out to him and he took them, sitting beside her. She smiled and licked at his earlobe, whispering, “Take your pants off.” So, he did, and she wrapped her tiny hand around his thick, throbbing shaft. Nick shoved his tongue deep into Ally’s tight opening then, too, and then pulled it out to flick against her clit. This drove her wild, and as her body shivered and shook against his face, Matt rubbed her tits and she rubbed Chet’s cock.

“Yeah, that’s it, bitch,” Chet said, bucking his hips up a bit towards her hand. She tightened her grip on his shaft and pumped his cock in her fist. “I wanna fuck her, Nick,” Matt said, tweaking her nipples roughly. They helped Ally up and Matt sat down on the bench, pulling her down into his lap. He moved around a bit until the head of his cock was pushed into her opening, then helped her move her hips down so that he could bury his shaft deep inside of her. “Oh, God,” she whimpered, hips beginning to bounce in his lap, pumping his fat cock from her tiny cunt. “Oh, fuck me, oh yeah.”

Matt gripped her hips and helped her ride him, hips thrusting up to push his cock as deep as it could get. He could feel her muscles contracting around his cock, and it nearly made him cum right off the bat. But he took up a rhythm and fucked her hard and slow. Nick, during this, had fallen back to his knees and was now licking at her clit while Matt banged her. Chet repositioned her hand on his cock and helped her pump it in her fist again.

Ally was in heaven, jerking Chet off while Nick licked her clit and Matt fucked her. With every thrust Matt made into her, her entire body shook. It wasn’t long before she was cumming, and then the three of them were letting their loads out on her chest and stomach.

After they were done, Ally cuddled up with Chet. The other boys were already dressing. She could tell she and Chet would probably stay for a bit more midnight fucking. “You know what?” Chet said, licking Ally’s lips. “I didn’t even play tonight. Hell, I’m just a waterboy!”

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