Camera Shopping Can Be Fun

My wildest day ever started with a simple errand, shop for a new camera. My boyfriend wanted to take some pictures of me while we played around, but neither of us had a digital camera. I went to our local electronics store to look around. It was a new store in a strip mall, well lite and clean.

I arrived around 10:00 in the morning; the only people in the store were the two salesclerks. Both were young and cute, one was tall slim and had the blonde surfer boy look. The other was short, black and had arms as big as my thighs. I’m 5’7″ with long straight brown hair, brown eyes, thin waist, and 36B tits.

I couldn’t decide if the blonde guy was chatting me up, or trying to sell a camera. He showed me a dozen different cameras and all the while flirting outrageously. When I told him I was confused by all the cameras he said it would be easier if we just took pictures with several of them and I could see what the pictures would look like.

He went with me to the back of the store and brought several cameras with him. Then he had me pose as he took pictures of me. Now this seemed strange, I thought I should be taking the pictures, but he was cute so I decided to let him have some fun. He soon had the first group of picture downloaded on his laptop. I came back and we looked them over. They all looked similar to me at first, but then he started pointing out the differences in color tones and shading. He asked what I would be using the camera for, people, sports, nature, ect… When I told him people, he told me that the skin tones would be very important. He said that we should take more pictures and emphasize skin tones in theses.

I was wearing a blouse unbuttoned over a camisole top, no bra, and a long denim skirt over red T back panties. I also wore my favorite mid calf black boots. He asked me if I minded taking off my blouse, since it “would give us more skin tones to look at”. I don’t mind wearing only a camisole top, but I like to have a bra on when I do. When he pleaded that it would really help me decide on which camera to buy I relented and dropped my blouse on a counter. He took pictures for several minutes; his friend had now come to the back of the store to watch too. I was getting a little turned on and my nipples which had been visible before were now looking like they would poke through my top. One of my cami straps slipped off my shoulder. When I started to push it back he told me to stop. Then I grew even bolder and slipped the other strap off. The top slipped low over my tits, but I didn’t let it fall too far.

The surfer boy then said his friend should join me in the pictures. His reasoning was that my light skin and his dark skin would show a lot of contrast. This would be very evident and would help me decide which camera would be best. Now this may seem like a line of BS now, but at the time it seemed very logical. I was standing with my back to surfer boy and his friend came over and put his arms around me. Surfer boy told us he wanted to too see as much of my back as possible and the black guy started pushing my top down. I tried to hold my top over my tits but they popped out before I could get a grip on it. I now quickly pulled the black guy close to me to hide my tits from the camera. The guys didn’t seem to mind. Surfer boy kept taking pictures and the black guys kept moving his hands all over my back.

Surfer boy then asked his friend to pull my top back up. Whew, that was close, I’m going to get my clothes back now I thought. He kept on pulling up though. Soon the top was over my tits and was pushing under my armpits. I resisted a little and surfer boy told me to raise my arms, it would make a great picture. The black guy kept pushing up and my arm slowly rose over my head. The camisole went over my head and I was standing topless in front of two strangers. I put my hands over my tits conflicted with modesty verses arousal. The black guy then turned me around to face surfer boy. He was taking pictures quickly now. The black guy then put his hands over top of mine. I knew that if I didn’t stop now it would be too late, it probably already was. Surfer boy then told me to reach behind the black guy’s neck. I slowly moved my hands while his stayed on my tits. He then leaned forward and kissed me. The combination of his hands squeezing my tits, surfer boy clicking away and the kiss sent electricity through my whole body with all of it ending in my pussy. I almost had an orgasm as we kissed.

Surfer boy then said it we really needed some more color in the pictures. I told him my panties were red. The black guy left my tits to find the button for my skirt. He undid the skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was standing with my back to the black guy while his hands explored my tits and stomach. Surfer boy had us turn toward each other and told me to take off the black guy’s shirt. When it was off he had us touching and holding each other several different ways. Each way was to “show the contrast” between our skin tones. Soon he was sitting in a chair with his head right at tit height. Surfer boy told him to kiss my nipple. When he did I almost orgasmed again. He sucked on each nipple and started kissing his way down my stomach.

When he reached my panties he lifted my right leg (the one away from the camera) and set the foot beside him. He then started kissing my pussy through my panties. I pushed his head into my pussy hoping to find my orgasm. It didn’t happen, and surfer boy told him to stand and switch places with me. Soon I was sitting while the black guy was standing next to me. Surfer boy told me to undo the black guy’s jeans. His pants were soon down and a rock hard black penis was bobbing in front of my face. Surfer boy didn’t have to tell me what to do then. I started by licking up and down his shaft several times. He shuddered and squirmed, I was afraid he might lose it quickly. I waited a second and then took the head in my mouth and gave him a couple of quick strokes. Then took it out of my mouth and circled the head with my tongue. I kept alternating like this for several minutes before he told me to stop.

He stood me up and slipped my panties off. He then had me turn and lean over the desk that was nearby. Making sure my tits were free swinging and visible for the surfer boys camera he began to push the head of his cock against my pussy. It took only three strokes before he was completing buried in my burning hot pussy. He slow stroked for a while which was driving me crazy. Surfer boy moved in closer and was taking pictures from every angle. He even crawled underneath us to get penetration shots. I was begging the black guy to please fuck me harder. I was so close to release but couldn’t quite get there. “If I fuck you hard I’m gonna cum fast” said the black guy. I just begged him to please hurry.

He began pumping me hard and fast. My orgasm started after the 3rd fast stroke. It continued on and on. When he started cumming he pushed even deeper. This just made me orgasm harder. I was begging for him to fill my pussy with his cum and to fuck me harder. My pussy was still having spasms when he pulled out. I begged him to please not stop. Well he did stop, but surfer boy had his cock out and was ready to take his place.

Surfer boy handed the camera to the black guy and laid me back on the desk. They took several pictures of me with my legs spread with semen draining from my pussy. Surfer boy then pushed my legs over his shoulders and mounted up. He had a longer cock and better position the black guy did. He reached my G-spot and had me in another orgasm with just a few strokes. He fucked long and hard until my orgasm had come back down. I was amazed at his staying power and asked what it would take to make him cum. He told me he was going to cum in my ass.

Anal sex was not really anything that I liked. I had let my boyfriend have my ass once and wasn’t eager to let him go again. This was different, I was so horny that I would have let surfer boy do anything. The black guy came over and sat on the desk and had me start sucking on his cock. Another first, I’ve never licked a cock that had just been in my pussy before but right now everything was open. Surfer boy then started spreading some lube over my asshole. He put one finger in and began loosening me up. I was sucking my juices off the other cock and rubbing my clit with my free hand. After a few minutes with the finger surfer boy pulled it out and spread more lube over my asshole. He then told me to relax as he pushed the head of his cock against me. It slipped in easily and he began to work his full length into my ass.

It took a minute to find our rhythm. Me sucking one cock, rubbing my pussy while getting assfucked. My third orgasm hit me fast and hard right when surfer boy was pumping his load of semen deep in my ass. I sank to floor while surfer boy was still pumping semen. He quickly shifted his cock to my face and shot his last few loads of semen across my face. All this excitement had brought the black guy off too. He moved in and shot his second load all over my face and tits.

They then moved me around to take pictures of my cum soaked face and tits, and the semen oozing out of my pussy and ass. I went to the bathroom to clean up while they loaded the pictures onto surfer boys laptop. They had also set up a video camera at one point and downloaded this as well. I left the shop with a new camera, free of charge of course, a disc full of pictures of me getting fucked and a copy on me in a home porn video. I also left with a new appreciation of group sex and exhibitionism. I can’t wait to show my boyfriend.

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