Girlfriend Likes To Dance

I’m writing today to relay a situation that happened to me exactly two month ago. That night I was going out with my girlfriend. There wasn’t anything unusual about that. We would usually go out at least one or two nights during the week or weekend. We were planning on going to our local pub and hanging with the regular crowd.

I arrived at my girlfriends place and she was already to go. My girlfriend stands 5’7″ and weighs 120lbs with very shapely legs a very thin waist and perfect B cup titties. She is a knockout in her short skirts and tight mid drift tops. Tonight was no exception. She had on a very short tight skirt that didn’t even reach her mid thighs and a nice tight top that showed the perfect shape of her chest and left her belly exposed. Her outfit was capped off with a small pair of 3 inch spiked heals. Damn I loved the way she dressed.

We made it to the local watering hole and settled in at the bar for a few drinks. After and hour or two we both were feeling no pain and my girlfriend decided she would like to go somewhere to dance. Knowing that I don’t dance this subject would come up once in a while and we would have it out. This night I didn’t feel like fighting so I gave in and told her that it sounded like fun. So off we went.

We ended up at one of the more popular night clubs and this night was no exception. There must have been five hundred people in this place. I was surprised we were able to make it in with just a minimal wait. Once inside it was wall-to-wall people. Everyone was bumping into everyone else. We followed the flow until we worked are way around the dance floor and just when I thought we were going to have to stand all night the booth next to us was empting out. It looked like the couple sitting in it were having a disagreement and they cleared out. My girlfriend and I scored the booth. So there we were sitting facing the crowded dance floor and I was wondering how long it would take for me to get another drink.

The bar waitress arrived fairly soon and I ordered a couple of drinks each. The music was very loud and the lights were low with flickering strobes. My girlfriend was getting into the scene dancing in her place itching to get out on the floor. I told her I’d better wait for the drinks so we don’t loose our booth. She was good with that. Before our drinks made it to the table a big black guy approached and asked if he could dance with my date. I looked at my girlfriend and she seemed to want to go so I gave the go ahead and he reached one of his huge pawls out and my girlfriend laid her very small hand in his mitt. This guy led her to the floor and as he walked it was like the sea of people parted just from the pure presence of the guy. He towered over my girlfriend by almost a foot. 

The drinks showed up just as my girlfriend made it to the dance floor. I paid the waitress and had a drink then looked to the floor to see what was happening. That place may have been dark but it was easy to spot that big guy on the floor because he was the tallest one out there. They were dancing to a fast song and my girlfriend was really shaking what she got. She was having a good time and she looked hot doing it. When the song ended I watched as she turned to go and he reached out and grabbed her arm and kept her on the floor for the next song. The song turned out to be a slow one and I watched as the big guy pulled my girlfriend in close to him. 

It seemed to me that he kept her on the far side of the dance floor away from me. I would catch a glimpse of them with their arms wrapped around each other. When that song ended the big guy walked her back to my table and thanked me for letting her dance with him. When she set down she scooted in close to me and leaned in and gave me a kiss. I asked her if she had fun and she said she did. She made mention of how big that guy was and that his size scared her a little. I asked her if he was any good at dancing and she said she thought he was pretty light on his feet.

My girlfriend asked me if I would dance and I told her I really didn’t want to besides I was feeling pretty drunk at that time. She gave me a look of “oh well” and excused herself as she needed to go to the ladies room. On her way back she found someone else to dance with. I spotted her on the dance floor dancing with an average look guy. She danced a few songs and returned to my side.

She had enough time to take a drink or two when I noticed the big black standing by the floor motioning to my girlfriend. She was gone in a flash. I watched as they almost disappeared onto the crowded dance floor. I didn’t pay much attention for the first song or two but then it felt like she had been gone for a long time. I scanned the floor for the big guy and spotted him in the far corner. The lighting was much darker in that corner and he seemed to be fairly stationary. The song playing was kind of slow with a beat and most people were doing a slow bump and grind. I watched as the big guy bent down some and I saw my girlfriends hands reach up and wrap around his neck. Beyond that I couldn’t see much. 

A couple of more songs played before my girlfriend returned to our booth. She was looking hot and sweaty. She sat down next to me as she was breathing hard from the excretion. I asked her how she was doing and she gave me a hot deep kiss and then said she was having a great time. I placed a hand on her thigh and ran it up under her skirt and lightly slid a finger over her panty covered pussy. Wow she was really wet. I pulled my finger from under her skirt and sucked her juices off. I made mention of it and she said she was just having a good time. I joked that she was getting turned on by the big guy and she gave me a sly look. I asked her what they have been up to on the dance floor. She said that he may have squeezed her ass once or twice and may have also casually slid a hand over her tits. I asked her if she was planning on dancing with him more and she said she wasn’t planning on anything.

We sat and had a few more drinks chatting and people watching. I had a pretty good drunk going and I’m sure my girlfriend did too. Once again I noticed the big guy moving towards the dance floor. Before I could say anything my girlfriend had already gone to meet him. They danced the first song close to my end of the floor and he slowly worked her to the far corner. Once in the corner I noticed they were dancing much closer to each other. I saw my girlfriend turn her back to the big guy as they danced in rhythm to the music. I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like he was running his hands over the front of her body. 

A song change came and a slow song was beginning. I thought I should move around the floor for a better look. As I moved around in the crowd I could see them clearer. There were no tables or booths in that corner so I couldn’t get to close without being on the floor. No matter I still had a clear enough line of sight. My girlfriend had her arms wrapped around his waist as he had his resting one on the small of her back and the other on her ass. He maneuvered her so she was between the wall and him. Then he turned her around so her back was to him again. I watched him lean down and say something in her ear. She just tilted her head and let him kiss her on the neck. As he did this his hands moved up her body and squeezed both her tits. When he did this she pushed back with her ass and rubbed it against his crotch. Then he let both his hands slide down her sides over her stomach and down to her thighs. He ran both hands at the same time up her thighs and under her skirt. I watched as it appeared that he had slid one hand into her panties as she wiggled her ass against him. It looked to me like he was finger fucking her right out there on the floor. My girlfriend turned her head towards his and they kissed each other hotly. The big guy pulled one of his hands out from under her skirt and slid it up under her top onto her tits. 

I have to admit it was a pretty hot scene but damn it, that was suppose to be my girlfriend. I watched as they continued to indulge in their game. Before the song ended she turned around to face him and they continued to kiss. I watched as he slid his hands under the back of her skirt and into her panties. The way her skirt hiked up I could see his hands on her ass cheeks and I watched as he manipulated those cheeks. I have to admit I was getting a hard on by then.

As the song neared the end I hurried back to the booth. My girlfriend returned shortly after and slid in beside me. We had a few more drinks and we made small talk. I slid a hand up her thigh then worked it under her panties and into her pussy. She was soaking wet and her pussy felt open. I said lightly that if I didn’t know better I would guess that this is not the first time her pussy was finger fucked tonight. She gave a startled look for just a second and then regained her composer. She said I was crazy and made fun of me for being jealous. She squeezed up tight to me and gave me a deep kiss while she ran a hand over my cock. She squeezed my hardon and told me she couldn’t wait to get fucked. I said lets go and take care of that now, but she said she wanted to dance one more time.

It wasn’t much longer when she said she had to go dance again and I looked over and saw the big black standing there. Once again they dance a song close to me then he moved her over into his dark corner. I also moved over towards that corner to watch the show.

They didn’t waist much time. My girlfriend threw her hands over his shoulders and around his neck as soon as they were out of the light. The big guy reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass practically picking her up as he returned her kiss. When he set her down she said something in his ear. He turned her around forcefully and reached under her skirt at her hips and pulled her panties down. Then he reached between their bodies and unzipped his pants. The whole time he kept his other hand wrapped around her waist holding her in place. Then I got a glimpse of his cock when he freed it from his paints. Damn he was huge. My girlfriend lifted the back of her skirt and pushed her ass back onto his cock. I watch as the big guy lowered himself down and aimed his huge cock at her pussy. She steadied herself and arched her back as he slid up between her legs and into her pussy. His cock didn’t get in there very easily. She may have been real wet but she never took anything that big in her pussy before. There was a moment or two of struggle between them before he must have been able to get his cock into her pussy.

The big black guy straightened up some and placed both hands on my girlfriend’s hips. They had moved close enough to the wall that my girlfriend placed both hands on the wall. In this position it looked like the fun began. The big guy started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. The way that they were doing it looked almost like they were dancing. At first it didn’t look like my girlfriend was taking his size to well but it didn’t take long for her to start pushing back on his every thrust. They kept this up through out the song. When the song ended my girlfriend leaned back against his body. He appeared to still have his cock in her pussy. He rubbed her tits through her shirt and held her close as they kissed. When the next song started he pushed her away from him exposing a very large wet hard on, and turned her around to face him. He then proceeded to pick her up by her ass, as she kicked free of her panties, and lowered her down onto his cock. The big guy was bouncing her up and down on his cock. She must have been really enjoying it as she was tossing her head back and side to side. I could just barely hear her screams through the music. The big guy then stepped up close to the wall, leaning her back against it and started to really pump his cock in her pussy. They traded a deep hot kiss during this fuck up against the wall. 

I noticed her legs start to flex and twitch. I figured she was having an orgasm. Then the big guy started to slam himself up against her in a slower more deliberate way and I figured he was cuming also. They stayed in that position for the rest of the song just kissing and holding each other. Then as the song was ending the big guy lowered my girlfriend to her feet. She tried to shield him as he tucked his cock back in his paints. My girlfriend started searching the floor and I realized she was looking for her panties. I saw them close to me so I snatched them up. I stayed out of her site so she never saw me. 

I hurried back to the booth and tossed the panties on the table. Then I grabbed my things and moved to the door. I kept an eye on the booth and when my girlfriend returned she quickly scooped up her panties and with a stressed look on her face she started searching the crowd for me. That is when I left.

I turned off my phones and when I got home I had a good wank thinking about the scene I just witnessed and fell asleep. The next day when I got up I turned my phone back on and it was only a minute or two before it rang. I picked it up and it was my girlfriend, she sounded pissed and started bitching at me for leaving her at the club. When she finally shut up I said I figured she would go home with the guy that was fucking her. There was silence on the other end. I waited a few seconds then hung up.

A week later when I answered the phone it was her and she asked me how I’ve been. We made small talk then she said she had to go. That was the last time I spoke with her. A mutual friend told me that she is pregnant now. I’m pretty confidant it isn’t mine.

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