Lesbians Play Dress Up

Sherry wasn’t too happy when Angel’s old friend Cindy showed up for a long weekend. She liked having Angel to herself at the We Live Together house, and didn’t like to share. However, when Cindy showed up all dressed up Sherry’s panties instantly got wet. She already was hoping this would end up in a hot steamy lesbian threesome!

three lesbians1

When Cindy and Angel kissed hello, she knew exactly what direction this weekend was going to take! And quickly too!

three lesbians2 three lesbians3

Once inside, Cindy decided to show off what she had brought at the airport….. Who knew they sold such sexy lingerie at airports?

Sherry liked the black lace panties….

three lesbians4

Sherry decided to get things started and asked to try them on, pretending that she had been looking for a pair just them! It took Angel a few moments to catch on, but before Cindy had any idea of what was happening both Angel and Sherry had dressed up in Cindy’s sexy lingerie!

three lesbians5 three lesbians6

And from there getting Cindy naked and in their bed was easy! Cindy just got so turned on by watching these two hot lesbians prancing around in lingerie that it made her lesbian pussy wet and she had to act on it!

three lesbians8

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