Super Fuck

When Cindy walked into his office, John knew this one was a bit wiser than the other chicks who came to Hollywood, stepped off the bus, and had no idea they were about to get fucked hard and then tossed aside. No, Cindy has been around the block in Hollywood a few times….

This wasn’t exactly her First Time Audition. This one might take some effort, but it might also be worth it….

cindy fucks in hollywood3

Half way through the Interview she stopped him and told him let’s stop pretending, let me suck you and fuck you, and if I do really good you’ll give me a decent role as an extra in one of your bigger movies…. .

John was floored…. Cindy wanted to just fuck and skip the games! Perfect!

Turns out Cindy has done this before and knows her way around a good sized cock!!! She took his penis in her mouth and sucked away like she could do it all night long!

cindy fucks in hollywood4

After she sucked him off and got him nice and hard, she told him that she already knew the better she fucked him the better the role she would get. Yeah, she’s been on the casting couch once or twice… She promised to fuck him in a way that he’s never been fucked before!!

She laid down with her back on the side of the couch and her pussy right where his cock would be if John was sitting on the couch. He sat down, worked his way into her pussy, and then lifted her up by her feet! Cindy’s back and head was on the floor on a pillow and John started to drill away at her pussy!

cindy fucks in hollywood5

Cindy was right – he had never been fucked like this before!

Cindy got the part she was hoping for… And John was sore all over when he woke up the next morning!!!!

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