Savannah Fucks Hollywood

Hot little teen Savanna got off the bus in Hollywood expecting to see bright lights, fancy cars, and stars walking around. Imagine her disappointment when she stepped off the bus!

So she shows up for her First Time Audition and she looked a little bit nervous…. She should be, but not because this might be her big break in Hollywood! She should be much more concerned about the casting couch, which is something she has no idea is coming!!!

savanna-fucks hollywood1

When she’s asked if she has any objections to doing a seen where she is a hooker and has to get partially naked, she doesn’t have any problem with that. Check.

When she’s asked if she can pretend to suck a cock on camera, she quickly takes off her top and sucks the producer’s cock. Check.

savanna-fucks hollywood2

But the pretend scene goes on much longer than she expected and suddenly she finds herself sucking away at this cock like she hasn’t sucked on a cock in months and has been waiting to find a pecker to swallow down. Suddenly she notices she’s really turned on and her pussy is wet!

She’s dropped the pretending that’s she’s acting out a part and and strips down and begs to be fucked doggie style… The producer – Who calls himself Kevin – doesn’t waste a moment and slides his cock in her from behind…..

savanna-fucks hollywood3

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