More Money Talks

So back to the Money Talks guys….. Remember they found this hot chick and wanted her to do nasty dick tricks? Her name was Aly and just by flashing some cash they talked her into getting naked in the back room of the shop she was working in!


Somehow they managed to talk Aly into getting buck as naked in her back room and putting on a blindfold! Insane what these chicks will do for some beer money!

They had her drop down to her knees and start sucking of random cocks!

money-talks-aly-does-all06 money-talks-aly-does-all07-1

Aly, this hot cute perky blonde chick, had no idea who’s dick she was sucking! When she pulled off her blindfold she was stunned to see how large these cocks really were!


All she wanted was her money… And while the guys from Money Talks had no problems coughing up the cash they wanted her to work for it a little more. “Suck a little longer honey” They told her before handing her the money they had promised!

money-talks-aly-does-all10 money-talks-aly-does-all11

But here’s the odd part….. Does this make her a hooker now that she’s received cash for sucking off these well hung guys? And why didn’t they fuck her brains out?

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