Lexi The Cheerleader

All women are jealous of cheerleaders…. They were the prettiest and had their pick of any man they wanted! All they needed to do was spread their legs and men come running!

Lexi had always wanted to be a cheerleader and when she moved off to college it was her chance to make it big! But first she had to go through her cheerleader audition. The only problem is she didn’t know the first thing about being a cheerleader!

lexi slutty cheerleader1

She might not know a thing a about cheerleading, but one thing she did know a whole heck of a lot about is sucking cock! And the cheerleading coach loved to have his cock sucked! He loved this time of the year with a new batch of college chicks coming in he was sure to get his dick sucked a few times a day for the next few weeks while all of these sluts tried to become cheerleaders!

But Lexi was special – She really knew her way around a cock!

lexi slutty cheerleader4 lexi slutty cheerleader6

If Lexi knew how to suck cock like this, she must also be a great fuck too! He had to try her out to make sure! You know, to make sure she was properly qualified to be a cheerleader!

lexi slutty cheerleader7

Lexi will pass her cheerleader audition with flying colors!

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