Laura Stalks Veronica

Time for us to check with and see what’s going on with Cougar Recruits!

Laura couldn’t believe her luck when she ran into Veronica at the local mall. Veronica was blonde and so cute, and oh so young! This cougar couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into Veronica!

She offered Veronica a ride and she quickly got into the back of the car with Laura!

lesbian cougar recruit1

Laura got Veronica to her house and quickly put the moves on her! Veronica had never had sex with another woman before, but Laura was pretty hot for her age and seemed to really be into her! Veronica gladly let Laura come on to her!

lesbian cougar recruit2

Laura pulled down Veronica’s top, and started to kiss her while playing with her breasts….. Which turned Veronica on to no end!

Before she kne it, Laura had pulled her dress up and spread her legs, and Veronica was eating out her pussy!

lesbian cougar recruit3

This is what happens when Cougar Recruits go out on the hunt!!!

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