Kacey Jordan

Jeff had always had a thing for his sister’s friend Kacey Jordan ever since high school. He had always wanted to bone her but had never found the right moment to make his move!

Late one night Jeff got an odd phone call from Kacey Jordan asking him to come right over. It was late, and knew her parents was out of town. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he was pretty quick to rush right over.

When Jeff got there, Kacey was in fact alone, and just stripping out of her panties!

kacey jordan sisters hot friend1

She quickly explained that she had known for years how he wanted to fuck her brains out, and she was tired of teasing him – and tired of waiting for him to make his move. This was a bit too much for Jeff to handle!

Before Jeff could even come up with something smart to say, she had gotten down on her knees like she was going to blow him. Jeff sat down on the couch and Kacey Jordan helped him get his pants off. She wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking him down! Turns out she was trained well and this eighteen year old knew how to give head like a champ!

kacey jordan sisters hot friend2 kacey jordan sisters hot friend3

Her pussy was getting wet and she had to have Jeff fuck him! Kacey Jordan bent over on the couch, spread her legs, and begged Jeff to fuck her!

After four long years of being teased by this hot little slut, Jeff was more than willing to slam her hard with his cock!

kacey jordan sisters hot friend4

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