Jennifer Fucks Mike

Jennifer was in a bind – she needed a place to stay and couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel. She had heard about Mike and Mike’s Apartment, and it was time to call him up and offer up her body for rent money!

She’s a cutie too!


She talked to Mike and he told her the rules. She didn’t have much of a choice and pay for rent using her body and sex wasn’t much of an issue. She enjoys sex, loves giving head, and does sex for fun. Why not do it for a place to live?

Jennifer gladly stripped down and got naked, dropped down to her knees, and started to suck him off! Once Mike’s cock was nice and hard she had him lay down on the bed and she climbed on top of him, mounting his cock!

jennifer-fucks-for-rent5 jennifer-fucks-for-rent6

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