FTV Girls Jessy


This gorgeous and exotic teen is a total first time girl doing her first nude shoot ever!  She is very sexual, and though shy and nervous at first, got into it rather quickly.  Seeing her in her daily wear, revealing her big breasts, Jessy gets caught by Alison outside.  Going home, she gets completely naked, and masturbates with her fingers, and has two orgasms.  Trying out a vibrator for the first time in her life, she comes to realize how wonderful it is with another, stronger orgasm.  Trying out a cute summer dress, she gets seduced by Alison, and together they do some hard breast massage.  Then, in a very sexy evening gown, she spreads her legs, and uses another vibrator to masturbate to a strong orgasm.  She gets very milky wet, and we get closeups of her large clit and wet insides.  We discover that she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so she instructs Alison in some kicks… watching Jessy’s cameltoe under her skirt and her breasts pop out while kicking… hot!  To finish, she puts on some sexy lingerie, and seduces herself with fingers, then with a larger pink dildo, having one last (perhaps strongest?) orgasm.  She totally oozes that sexual vibe…

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