Early Morning Sausage

We knew something was up when our next customer ordered our pizza way too early for the day! She was bangin’ hot in her tight teenie shirt!

extra sausage blow job1 extra sausage blow job2

When she checked out the ‘supreme big sausage‘ pizza…it was what she wanted and knew exactly how to tip us good! She ate the complimentary big sausage in the middle of the pizza and made slurping sounds!

extra sausage blow job3 extra sausage blow job4

Boy was she hungry! We thank her for the tip so we gave her a complimentary protein sauce!

extra sausage blow job5

And in return… We both got fucked!

What a great way to start the day!

extra sausage blow job7

You just got to love the peeps at the Big Sausage Pizza Company!!!!

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