Cassie The Nanny

This is ripped right from the Diary of a Nanny…. And very hot too!

Cassie had been his nanny for a few years. He was single, recently divorced, and needed someone to help with the kids when he had them. Rodger was thinking of something part time, but when Cassie answered his ad in the paper he figured it he would enjoy her company.

Two year later they went down to Mexico. The kids were busy down at the pool at the hotel, when Cassie finally decided to show him the goods – she lifted up her shirt and exposed her beautiful big old titties! Rodger got the hint! She was suddenly so much more than a nanny!


Rodger walked right up to his nanny, unzipped his fly, and let his pecker fall out! Cassie took it in her hand and then into her mouth!

Who knew the nanny knew how to suck cock like this!!!


They had been together as boss and nanny for the past two years, and secretly Rodger had been dreaming of fucking her brains out. He couldn’t believe it was happening! She mounted him like she was a lion and rocked his fucking world in a way that he hasn’t been rocked for years!!!!


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