Cash Strapped College Whores

All women are whores willing to do anything for some cash, and the Money Talks crew is out to prove this to the world – on camera!

This is a fantasy that nearly every man has had at one point or another! Flocks of young chicks running in cross country in packs outside of the local college. You drive by, slow down to check them out, your heart jumps a beat or two. You wish you could just pull over and ask them to climb in with you and give you some road head!


The Money Talks people are about to do just that!

They follow the runners until the stop running and then try to get their attention!

teen-joggers-suck-for-cash03 teen-joggers-suck-for-cash04

Offer them up some cash and sure enough, two of them jumped at the chance! They had no idea what they were getting into, but with high hopes for some cash they were more than willing to take the chance!


These two blonde hotties are very cute! It must suck that they are hard up for cash, but I guess that is the life of a college student!

Think they can get these two to make out with each other? Maybe eat each other out, or do fuck each other with strap on dildos? I’m sure if you offer them enough they’ll do anything they want….


At the very least Cindy is willing to suck some cock for cash!!!!


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