Capri and Mandy

Told you that Capri was going to fun up in the VIP room! She’s getting all nice and comfy with Joey!

Check out her girlfriend Mandy in the background – she looks jealous!

capri mandy vip party10 capri mandy vip party11

Once the titties came out Mandy did in fact get jealous. She wanted in on the fun and games!

Both of them too out their boobies while Joey played with them – taking turns between the two of them!

capri mandy vip party12

Once they made their way into the VIP room things got really hot with these two girlfriends trying to outdo each other. Both of the chicks had their tits out and most of their clothes coming off, with Capri sucking on Joey’s cock while Mandy tried to keep him entertained!

capri mandy vip party13

While Capri’s cock sucking skills rocked, it was Mandy who ended up sitting on Joey’s cock and riding it high like it was something she does often!

capri mandy vip party16

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