Bree Olson Gets Fucked

Must be nice to have Big Tits At Work…. In fact, it must be nice to walk into work and see a sexy big breasted blonde like Bree Olson!

Bree wasn’t getting ahead, and with the price of nearly everything going up she was having problems makes ends meet. Tony wasn’t about to give him a raise – so poor big breasted Bree had to pull out the big guns!

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She pulled out her huge knockers and started to tease Tony. He wasn’t having any of it. The company couldn’t afford to give her a raise!

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Even though Bree had her boobies out, Tony wasn’t going for it. Until Bree said the magic words: “I’ll do anything you want.” That’s when Tony’s eyes opened up wide and Bree saw a sexy gleam in his eyes!

Tony had her lay down on the desk on her back, whipped out his cock, and started shoving it down Bree Olson’s throat! He started to grab her breasts while Bree was deep throating his cock and playing with her own pussy, sinking her fingers deeper and deeper into her snatch!

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After a few minutes Bree Olson deep throating his cock, Tony decided he wanted much more! He stripped down and ripped Bree’s clothes off of her and then had her bend over on the desk. With her legs spread wide bending over the desk, Tony fucked the living day lights out of Bree! Bree loved getting fucked nice and hard while her huge breasts were getting smashed on the desk!

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Bree Olson loved getting fucked nice and hard!

Bree sure did get that raise – and now had her boss wrapped around her fingers!!!

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