Amy The Cheerleader

Amy had always wanted to be a cheerleader, and when she moved across country to attend college she decided she was going to give her shot at being one of those slutty cheerleaders who used to fuck everyone on the football team back in her hometown. She showed up in a tight litte white shirt with no bra, and a short little jean skirt that showed off her cute little legs. She never wore panties and today was no different!

She was more than willing to fuck the coach if she needed to just to get on the team!

amy sexy cheerleader upskirt pussy1

When she put on the cheerleader uniform during her cheerleader audition… She remembered that she wasn’t wearing any panties!

Amy went through her cheerleading routine and every time she jumped up her cheerleading skirt flew up and you can see everything – including her little tiny pussy!

amy sexy cheerleader upskirt pussy2

As long as Amy is willing to suck cock she’ll be sure to pass her cheerleading audition with flying colors!

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