FTV Girls Kymberly


Meeting us, totally brand new to modeling in the nude, she gets naked for us, and then goes right to masturbating… we realize how much she is into masturbation, as she goes on for over half an hour, with several orgasms!  The photographer had to ask her to stop before he ran out of film!  That was in January… she comes back 3 months later, all ready for an FTV style shoot.  Sexy and sophisticated looking, this teen likes to dress up, but in a very classy style.  Trying on several different lingerie, she then gives us nice views of her perfect butt, and gives it a hard massage.  Then in red lingerie, she takes her panties, and stuffs them in her!  Going to the bed, she masturbates with a toy, to a wet orgasm.  Beauty and grace, we see her in a classy dress, gives us upskirt views, and fingers herself… then to some classical music, she shows us how flexible she is.  Splits, stretching, and then some ballet barefoot to music, all in that firm, tight body of hers.  Later that night, she stuffs four, then five fingers, trying her best to fist herself.  Comes pretty close!!  Then the Big Ten toy is next, Kym trying her best to take the whole thing in, then using a smaller toy to one last masturbation for the evening.  Another gorgeous girl for FTV…

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