I wonder why warm weather makes you want to drift off into a nice afternoon nap? I was enjoying myself very much sleeping soundly on a big comfy bed taking an afternoon nap in my pretty new sun dress. The dress may have been a little short and the top was a little flimsy so my breast fell out easily but it was comfy and very girly. I was tired, and while I was napping the photographer caought some cute pictures of me asleep. I woke up after that and we tested out his new lense that taked really really close up pictures. You get to see my very intimate spots very close! My close up lovers this is a treat for you. And of course we had to take some girly cutie pictures with my dress on, and sometimes half off when my breasts popped out or when my skirt lifted up to see the goodies underneath. This was a bright sunny day, and with a cute girl like me wearing a short summer dress you just cant go wrong!

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