Piper Fawn Spread Outdoors

piper fawn pussyThere is something about a girl getting naked outdoors that just does it for me. Especially when it is a girl as wonderful and as sexy as Piper Fawn.

I love these pictures because you can tell they weren’t planned or scheduled or anything like that. This is just one of those nice trips to the country that got a little bit, well, more interesting. Piper use to be a shy girl, but knowing that all you horny guys are chcking her out, she has turned into a real horny teen that loves to show off her body. She is a really natural girl too, not too thin and not too think, all real and curvy and nice.

Her pussy is lovely and pink, and she teases you a bit and finally shows it all off, peeling back her outer pussy lips so that you can really enjoy her all the way inside. She is goofing around and playing… but you can see she is starting to get wet from just showing off!

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Alison Angel Brunette For A Day

I bet when you first glimpsed at this coverpage you thought it was someone else being a guest at my site!  Well guess what, I cut my hair really short, and dyed it black!  Nooo just kidding, its just a wig hehe.  Back a few weeks ago we went to this place, and picked out a wig, and I wanted something totally opposite of what my hair is like.  Its a cool hange, and I call it roleplaying with you guys.  Notice my breasts are really firm and full and maybe with short hair they sort of look bigger?  I also had a matching nightie & panties that was perfect for a photoshoot in that FTV pink room place.

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Lia 19 Sexy Enough

Well I slip into my super mini little  black dress, strap on some high heels and head to the top of the parking  garage for the photos. It was right in front of a huge  office building with mirrored windows. So it was like I was putting on a little naughty fashion shoot to help them get threw the day. Posing and up skirts all around the FTV car. Then some breast flashing. But the wind was out of control and kept messing with me and messing up my hair. So we cut the photo short and focused more on the video.

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Leah FTV Girls


Its one of those rare rainy days in Phoenix, and we see this teen with braces running through the mall trying not to get wet, but catch glimpses of her very perky nipples falling out of her shirt as she tries to dry up on the spot!  Then she goes indoors, strips down, grinds her hips against her hand on the bed, then gets dressed up in some cute tops & panties.  Checking out her nice butt from a hidden angle, we then watch her grind against her private parts with her hand while listening to music, then sitting down in the closet and fingering herself until she has 4 fingers in her!  Getting juicy wet, she heads over to the table where she starts fisting herself to our surprise!  The whole hand slips in deep, then she moves to a vibrator — then rubbing fast she starts squirting all over the place, several times!  Huge gushes squirt into the camera, and all over the table.  She cannot stop, even when she is being photographed after 4 orgasms!  She just loves to masturbate, and it shows.  Her juices have completely soaked the entire table!  After posing for more explicit photos, she talks a little about her sexuality, and then gets changed into a cute pink dress with a short skirt.  Then she pulls out two thick vibrators, and starts stuffing both into her private part!  Then she makes the toys spread her wide open, but that isn’t enough, she then spreads herself with her fingers, and gives us some amazingly massive gaping shots!  Then she takes one toy anally, while sticking the other back in her private part, double penetrating herself hard, pushing the toys as deep as she can.  Getting aroused again, she asks for the FTV Monster toy, and it is as thick as her leg!  To our shock, she takes it in easy, and takes it deep, for a hard ride that at one point, takes 3/4 of the whole toy in!  It only encourages her more, to fist herself again, hard and fast, until she has an incredibly strong orgasm, that needs to be seen!

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Celine FTV Girls

This gorgeous girl, had her debut on FTV 2 years ago, now she is back, looking even hotter than before (and more sexual)! We meet up with her at a public place, a fancy mall, and see how sexy she looks today. After flashing her full breasts and doing upskirts there, we do a photoshoot right there in the mall walkway, taking those risks… Then in her black Mercedes nearby, she heads on to the back seat, and starts masturbating with a toy right there! A little nervous about it all, it takes her a while before she orgasms… then at the pink room she gives us close views of her private parts & nipples, stretching, pulling & fingering. Being fluent in French, she does a masturbation video, all the while talking to you in French, directing the camera herself, until she has a nice orgasm. Then on the computer, in sexy black lingerie, she starts playing with herself to some FTV videos, then gives her breasts & butt a nice cream massage, and in the shower, takes it to the climax, having one last, strong, orgasm.

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