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No matter what dirty tricks time or fortune may have in store, Kelly LeBrock will always know that for one stirring moment hers was the embodiment of Hollywood’s highest concept of the ultimate hot chick. Weird Science (1985) presented the skinteresting proposition that two computer-geek adolescents had the power to create and interact with the most amazingly rad-bodied, dream-faced woman of their deepest… >>> read more

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Little Cookie Is a Cute Coed Sologirl


Girls like Little Cookie are often my favorite coeds, because they are on the net for fun, profit, and the enjoyment of showing themselves off to the world. Little Cookie is a cutie with a nice natural body, sort of strawberry blondish hair, and a smile that lights up the room. Oh yeah, her sexy body will light up something else too, this girl has cute small tits and a neatly shaved little pussy, and she loves to tease you with both! She’s super sweet, like a good cookie should be, and oh yeah, you will really want to lick her cookie too!

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Redhead Scarlett Fay Enjoys The Fucking Machines


Hotty redhead Scarlett Fay is the latest girl to test out the fucking machines, and by her juicy reaction, I would say she likes them just fine!

Scarlett is a down to business kind of girl – she comes in, takes her clothes off and goes to the machines with a pussy challenge to make her cum. Now Scarlett can not necessarily take the fastest of pounding, but she does fuck for a good long while with some genuine face scrunching orgasms that will make your dick hard. She humps our robot tongues and seeing her creamy pussy and swollen clit grind against the rubber is super hot. She moans in those deep primal moans that girls have in their most private of fucking moments.
Thanks Scarlett, for the good time and letting us fucking your pussy until it’s creamy and open!

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Amy Gets a Bar Bang

Amy and Steve had known each other since their childhood. They had grown up together, attending the same high school and eventually the same college. Everyone expected them to marry at some stage and despite warnings that they were still too young, they had decided to take the plunge in their final year at college. […]

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Fucked Hard Before Marriage

I did something at my bachelorette party that I thought was totally shameful at the time. It was really out of character for me but it turned out to be one of those life-changing experiences.

Ted was my fiancée and my first lover. I went to bed with him the night we got engaged. It was a nice experience but certainly not spectacular. We had sex fairly regularly after that and it got a little better. I mentioned this to Carla, a friend of mine who had the reputation of being a little too much fun at a party.

She told me she would show me something at my party that would help me out. My party was on a Friday night, the same as Ted’s bachelor party. We both figured we would need Saturday to recover for our Sunday afternoon wedding at St. Mark’s. St. Mark’s is a nice little parochial school where Ted and I went all 13 years.

Carla suggested the theme; we all came dressed in our parochial school clothes. Plaid skirt, white blouse, white knee socks, mary janes. Most of us looked pretty good even though a few, including me, had shortened those skirts way beyond what was allowed in high school.

A dozen of us partied at Carla’s house. We had a great time and drank to much. There were presents, of course. Some were nice and some were definitely naughty. Just before midnight, Carla asked if I was ready for my special present.

“OK, ” I said, just a little nervous about what she might have in mind.

She said she knew about my secret lust for cowboys and it was way past time to meet one. She started some music and a huge black man strutted down the stairs. He was dressed in tight jeans, a cowboy hat, boots, a western shirt and one of those long, black dusters. He had a six-gun strapped to his waist and he was carrying a rope.

He started to dance around me – he was one of those male strippers. The girls were urging him on, laughing and giggling at my embarrassment as he stripped to a little red thong. I couldn’t help but notice that the thong was concealing something massive.

He kept taunting me about being a “virgin” bride. He danced me around the room, sliding his hands around. grabbing a feel every now and then. Soon he was kneeling at my feet. He leaned back with his legs spread and said, “Let me teach this young virgin bride what’s going to happen Sunday night.” Your man is going to grab you….he’s going to take your fine young body straight to bed.”

The other girls were laughing at my embarrassment and urging him on.

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Tiny Ariana Marie Sucking a Huge Cock


Tiny Ariana Marie is a walking wet dream for most guys. She’s super petite with a tight little body, curvy hips, and sexy little titties. She also loves to fuck, and in this scene from Teens Love Huge Cocks, she also proves she can really suck cock with the best of them. The cock is huge but this tiny teen is into that thing in a very big way!

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Payton Simmons Love Huge Cocks


Payton might be just barely legal, but she definitely knew what she wanted and what really turned her on – huge cocks! She mentioned how sensitive her nipples were and how much she loves for someone to nibble and gently tug at them with their teeth. Payton was an amazingly, vibrant, curvaceous woman, and she rewarded us with a sexy little striptease before she went all the way and bounced her juicy booty up and down some hard cock. It’s amazing to see this sexy blond teen takes that huge cock balls deep into her tight little cunny!

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Briana Lee Intense Outdoor Dildo Fucking


it’s not the first time I have featured horny hotty Briana Lee on this blog, because this girl is one of the hottest dildo users I have ever seen. She’s totally into her toys! This scene from her wild Briana Lee Extreme site is shot outdoors somewhere, with Briana getting fully nude and using a great big dildo to pleasure her needy twat. She lets the camera in close so you can see how she is getting into it, and you can see her pussy and ass both twitching as she cums in the hot video that goes with this set. She’s a fucking dildo loving hotty who wants to get off with you!

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Allie James Wants Black Cock and Black Cock Cum


Allie James makes it clear and simple, this horny blond needs a big black cock in her pussy and wants some hot black man jizz all over her face and tits! That is exactly what she gets in this hot scene from Jizzbomb, getting her tender twat stretched by this big cock and then taking a massive cum facial that fills her mouth and has the cum running down onto her tits too! Awesome!

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Petite Asian Alina Li Licked Out and Fucked


Sexy Chinese girl Alina Li is perhaps one of my all time favorite Asian pornstars, she has only been at it a short while and this girl is already one of the very top pornstars. She’s got an amazing sexy and petite body, tiny asian tits, and a tight little twat that seems to be able to take on almost any cock. One thing for sure, I would love to be this guy getting a chance to lick out her sexy fortune cookie, she looks incredibly tasty and very responsive as he dives in and licks her to a nice orgasm before the fucking even starts! Super sexy stuff for sure!

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